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Missouri Medical Marijuana Campaign Passes 42,000 Signature Mark

I received the following campaign update out of Missouri: I just finished tabulating our signature totals from June, and in that month alone our volunteers gathered 11,000 signatures! We have now collected a total of more than 42,000 signatures to place medical cannabis on the ballot in Missouri! Since the spring, volunteers […]

Cannabis Activism

Personal Responsibility And Activism

It’s been a busy week for America’s internet troll Sweetheart, Miggy420. I’ve been working on several other articles, but this is the one I had to get out first, to talk about one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen this week besides the people sitting in jail for […]

Oregon Senate
Cannabis Activism

Oregon House Bill 2198 Heads to Governor Brown

Oregon House Bill 2198 heads to Governor Kate Brown’s desk after passing the Senate 18 to 12 following the proposal sailing through the House 48 to 11. If signed by the governor, as expected, HB 2198 will establish the Oregon Cannabis Commission (OCC) and allow several thousand Oregon Medical Marijuana […]

Oregon Legislature
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Oregon Legislature Should Pass House Bill 2198

House Bill 2198 is an important bill that will help Oregon continue to be a pioneer in implementing sensible cannabis laws that help patients, create jobs and generate revenue. HB 2198 establishes an Oregon Cannabis Commission that will report directly to the Oregon Legislature, helping the state adapt to the […]

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Smart Approaches to Marijuana Presents To DOJ Today

Prohibitionist front man Kevin Sabet has finally gotten his perfect audience…Department of Justice (DOJ) employees! Unfortunately, they are essentially captives of new Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Tom Angell of Marijuana Moment shared a link in his daily newsletter that describes the event. Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) is the […]

fathers day
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Craig Cesal: Another Father’s Day Lost

Another Hallmark Holiday Ruined By The Drug War Instead of writing about what dad wants for this coming Father’s Day, I would like to write about what one father in particular wants, and that’s freedom. I’ve been writing about Craig’s story for a long time, and the fact that I […]

Cannabis Activism

NORML Responds to Trump Administration’s Marijuana Policy

Donald Trump’s cannabis policy has been an enigma with many mixed messages as patients, advocates and industry participants have tried to determine how his administration would treat various state medical and recreational marijuana laws across the nation. While candidate Trump seemed to support medical marijuana and a states’ rights approach […]