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Marijuana Business

OLCC’s Two-Faced Concern For The Children

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, also tasked with the regulation of all things cannabis, recently released an update to its guidance about strain naming. We can’t have marijuana appealing to the children when it’s sold in an adults-only store that checks ID, goes the reasoning, so we have to ban […]

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Medical Marijuana

The Lies of the CBD Oil Hucksters

Once again, the pursuit of profit finds unscrupulous entrepreneurs outright lying to desperate patients about CBD oil. To be clear, the lies are not about the effectiveness of CBD oil. I’ve seen too many medical miracles to tell you CBD oil doesn’t work. The lies are about everything else regarding […]

Idaho Is
Marijuana Legalization

Things Less Harmful Than Marijuana In Idaho

The State of Idaho is surrounded. To the west and southwest lie Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, where marijuana is legal. To the east and north lie Montana and Canada, where medical marijuana is legal. To the southeast lie Wyoming and Utah, where cannabidiol oil is legal. With the soon-to-be-signed legislation […]