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Marijuana Legalization

Canna Charities: Are They A Good Deed?

Activist: A Fine Line of Brilliance and Fucking Nuts Not all activist are created equal but everyone arrested for marijuana is not guilty, just like there is no bad weed, just bad farmers; not all activist are created equal. Without a budget to travel and investigate its hard to see the […]

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Systematic Racism Meet Reefer Madness

The bullshit meter is pegged on this one. There are many levels of fucked up with the billboard that was in Yakima, Washington. A billboard aimed at Hispanic youth because they’re cool already, according to the billboard; the amount of stupid and ignorance here is overwhelming. In an MSM article, […]

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Seattle Hempfest: The Safe Space That Is Still Relevant

Even though 8 States have said “we support marijuana legalization” and are better for it, doesn’t mean legalization is here. People’s lives are still at risk, families are still being torn apart; all Americans which means America suffers for it. Seattle Hempfest is still relevant and will be for a […]

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Children: Americas Future Is Collateral Damage

“What about the children? What about the children?” Are the cries many in the past have used against marijuana legalization and this my reply: “What about the f-ing children?!” I can factually present more cases where the children have been damaged by the law and the power that has been […]

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Personal Responsibility And Activism

It’s been a busy week for America’s internet troll Sweetheart, Miggy420. I’ve been working on several other articles, but this is the one I had to get out first, to talk about one of the most fucked up things I’ve seen this week besides the people sitting in jail for […]

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Mickey Martin: The Big Mouth With A Big Heart

When I started writing about the atrocities of the drug war, I had no idea the gamut of people involved in the “community” nor did I realize some do it just to position themselves in a cornered market and others are just fighting for their civil right. Recently the cannabis […]

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Washington State Cannabis Review: Legit Canna Farms

Recently I had the chance to test products from a Southern Washington Farm and am more than happy to tell you about it. I even Live Streamed the beginning but found the audience too distracting from me experiencing the plant. Like A Good Neighbor, A Good Farmer Is There One of […]