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Submit Your Lit: Lewis Davidson

For this episode of Submit Your Lit, the not so weekly article, I would like to introduce you to Lewis Davidson, a man who wears multiple hats with a passion for the life-giving plant known as cannabis. Lewis has combined some of my favorite things with Captain Cannabis and Hashteroids. He promotes […]

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Q: When Does God Hate Cannabis?

A: When he/she has 32 billion invested in pharmaceuticals. Recently posts on r/trees and r/atheism have pointed out that the Mormon Church has over 32 billion dollars invested in pharmaceutical companies. The website Mormon Leaks has released bank documentation showing that the Mormon Church is invested into multiple LLCs, these […]

Seattle Hempfest
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Smoke Out At A Smoke In

Its festival season again here in Washington State and that means it’s time for one of the oldest pot protest, Seattle Hempfest. Now in its 27th year of nonviolent protest by lighting one up, it should be on your activist bucket list. Having checked this one through volunteering my next pipe […]

Analytical 360
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Welcome Back Analytical 360

On May 14th, Analytical 360’s suspension was lifted. Not out of any act of benevolence or sensibility on the part of the WSLCB, instead, their case was handed over to the State’s Attorney General who immediately saw the ridiculousness of the situation. Time and time again Washington State’s lawmakers and […]

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All Aboard The Terp Train

News flash, THC, and CBD are not the only two components that factor into your cannabis experience. You can’t smell THC and CBD, but you can smell Terpenes. Think of terpenes like the salt and pepper of ingredients that when combined with THC and CBD they create the entourage effect, […]

Seattle Cannabis March
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2018 Seattle Cannabis Freedom March

Reprinted with special permission. Originally posted on BlazingWashington.Com The Seattle Cannabis Freedom March was established in 1999 by cannabis activists in Washington. Freedom marches are held in hundreds of cities throughout the world. Many may ask why this march is still necessary in a state with legal recreational consumption. Unfortunately, there […]