Actress Susan Sarandon Urges Voters To Support Arizona Marijuana Legalization


Arizona voters are receiving a phone message from Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon, encouraging them to “vote for taxing and regulating marijuana by voting ‘yes’ on Prop. 205.” The full message can be heard in a video available below and at

“Whether someone uses marijuana or not,” she says, “we probably all prefer for law enforcement to spend their time preventing and investigating serious crimes rather than marijuana offenses. Also, regulating marijuana will take it out of the hands of criminals and instead generate jobs and tax revenues.”

Sarandon is not the first celebrity to voice her support for Prop. 205. Earlier this month, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) aired a television ad featuring Super Bowl champion quarterback Jim McMahon during a Thursday Night Football match-up between two of his former teams, the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

“Ms. Sarandon is one of the most widely recognized and well-respected actresses in the nation,” said CRMLA Chairman J.P. Holyoak. “She has been an outspoken advocate for social justice and sensible criminal justice reform, and we are proud to have her support. Like most Arizonans, she does not think adults should be slapped with felonies simply for consuming a substance that is less harmful than alcohol.”

In 2013, Sarandon told The Huffington Post, “It’s ridiculous that we continue to incarcerate anyone for using a substance that actually causes far less damage than alcohol. No one goes out looking for fights on marijuana. No one dies from marijuana intoxication. And no one should be jailed for possessing marijuana.”

  1. Dave K says

    Prior to the start of the war on drugs police were reported by the FBI to solve about 90% of reported homicides. Recently it was reported that police now solve closer to %60 of reported homicides largely due to the war on drugs. Does this really make you feel safer? Legalize and regulate like Alcohol in Arizona.

  2. Dorothy McVaney says

    Colorado expects a 22 billion dollar business from their decision to legalize marijuana, already there are over 18,000 new jobs, and the industry is still growing. Real Estate sales in Colorado is off the charts with 20% increases in property values the first year. Schools are benefiting too with full day kindergarten, more teachers, school upgrades and updates, and teens and younger kids are not abusing the new laws.

    It’s time for Arizona to spend its policing monies on policing serious crimes, not trying to regulate a plant which illegal cartels are making a fortune on through illegal sales.

  3. Clark Magnuson says

    Watch russian car wrecks on youtube to imagine pot smoking drivers

    1. M. Simon says

      Watch American car wrecks to imagine alcohol drinking drivers.

      Actually no imagination required.

      The answer of course is Alcohol Prohibition.

  4. M. Simon says

    Sarandon is the wrong person to be making the pitch. It is the righties that need convincing. She will turn them off.

  5. Dave K says

    “It has been brought to our attention that your committee has produced and aired television ads that convey inaccurate and misleading statements about Colorado’s experience with regulating and taxing marijuana for adult use.

    Specifically, your ad titled ‘Empty Promises’ features a former Colorado local school official saying, “We were promised millions of new revenues for our schools, but they were empty words.” It also features a Colorado school principal saying, ‘Politicians spent more money on regulation and bureaucracy than in the classroom.” Similarly, in your ad titled ‘Mistake,’ former Denver mayor Wellington Webb says, ‘We were promised new money for education. Instead, that money is going to regulation and the pot industry.’

    The proponents of the initiative you are opposing and members of the Arizona media have raised questions about the validity of these claims. We have also heard from Colorado residents who read or saw stories about these ads in our local media outlets and were confused by the claims that they make.

    As members of the Colorado Legislature who played intimate roles in the budgeting and appropriation of marijuana tax revenues, we feel it is our duty to set the record straight so that voters in both states have accurate information about this subject.”

  6. Pamela Mccoll says

    How about we leave public health policy to the scientists and not movie stars who do not know
    enough to make a credible statement. Check out the 22,000 studies on marijuana and you come to the conclusion that marijuana is not safe for any person at any age – especially the young and any man or woman who wants to start a family due to risk to dna/cognitive development in the offspring.
    Vote NO – all 90% of the population who has already rejected marijuana as a viable lifestyle choice in their own life and should not want more marijuana in their society – or have to pay for the damage.

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