About Us

Weed News is the best place to get daily marijuana updates. We’re dedicated to bringing our readers the latest cannabis news, trends, and changes happening across the globe.

Our Story

Weed News started out as a passion project for two weed-lovers a few years ago. The two stoners – ahem, co-founders – had a mission: to help users navigate the confusing laws and legislation surrounding the use and distribution of the cannabis plant.

Now, in 2020, the Weed News team consists of experienced writers, editors, and passionate cannabis users. The team works tirelessly to keep you up to date with trending topics in the cannabis space.

We have health experts, legal experts, other specialists, and experienced journalists providing regular updates to the marijuana industry and political landscape on a regular basis.

At Weed News, we believe in staying consistent and authentic so our readers always know what to expect from us. We strive to remain completely transparent and honest with the information and advice we provide — we would never write a review we don’t believe in.

The Weed News Vision: Building A Community of Cannabis Aficionados

From the moment we started Weed News, our number one goal has been to create a community. We want to connect marijuana-lovers around the world and provide a platform to share advice and information on everything cannabis-related.

We’ve divided our website into categories so you can more easily navigate to the sections that interest you the most. We work hard every day to ensure the website remains up to date in this rapidly-evolving industry.

We invite you to join the discussion — let us know your thoughts and opinions, suggest ideas to cover in future content, point out any errors our team of dedicated fact-checkers may have missed, or simply say hello — we’d love to hear from you.

What We Cover

We’re focused on keeping our readers updated on the latest hemp & marijuana legislation changes across the globe.

We also provide insight into a wide range of topics and ideas — for example, we cover need-to-know topics like how much weed you can legally possess depending on which country you’re in, where to buy CBD or other cannabis products near you, and what to do if you’ve got an upcoming drug test and recently used marijuana.

We’ll also talk about the potential fines people could receive for breaking marijuana laws (not recommended), and how to avoid them altogether. We also offer expert advice on growing and processing marijuana yourself, as well as product reviews on CBD and other cannabis products.

How We Conduct Our Reviews

Buying cannabis products can get confusing — there are so many different brands all offering the same promises. Which brands should you trust? Where should you spend your hard-earned money?

Our team provides detailed, unbiased reviews on CBD and marijuana brands and the products they carry to help you shop with confidence.

We’re here to help you navigate the confusing world of CBD products, vaporizers, cannabis dispensaries, and more with our objective, independent, and easy to understand reviews.

Our partners compensate us for some of the reviews posted on our website. While this may influence the products we review – in no way does it affect the recommendations we make or the advice given to our readers.

Every product we review is battle-tested by three or more members on the Weed News staff. Companies can’t pay us to garner favorable reviews – and we’re glad to be one of the few reviewers who can say that.

Every single review written by the Weed News team is honest, unbiased, and reflects the opinions of more than just one individual. When we say something about a product or brand, we mean it — good or bad alike. 

Meet The Weed News Team

Our founders are Johnny Green and David Harrison. The two met while working together at a cannabis greenhouse in Southern California while on break from university.

The duo became friends almost immediately and stayed in touch after the season ended and each went home to their respective homes to finish their education.

Three years later the two met up while Johnny was on a trip through San Jose. It was here where the two decided to join forces and grow Weed News to the inclusive resource it is today.

Between the two of them, they already had over a decade of experience in various facets of the cannabis industry.

Together, Johnny and David have grown what’s become one of the premier sources of news and information for cannabis users all over the world.

Johnny Baldwin (BS) — Co-Founder & Editor in Chief


  • Bachelor of Arts: Political Science — Stanford University
  • Cannabis Cultivation Certificate — Green Flower
  • Cannabis Budtender Certification — Cloverleaf University

Johnny grew up in a household where cannabis was a very normal part of life. His father was a master-grower of marijuana at a state-regulated facility about an hour outside Denver, Colorado, and his mother was a bud-trimmer at the same facility.

It wasn’t until many years later that Johnny also found his calling in the cannabis space.

As an aspiring political journalist, Johnny decided to pursue an education in political science. He was always a high-achiever in school, and his excellent grades granted him acceptance into all but one of the five university programs he applied for.

Throughout his degree, the subject kept returning to cannabis. It was something Johnny was very knowledgeable on already, and at the time, an area of hot debate by the general public and various levels of government.

It all started as a side project while studying at Stanford University. As a school project, Johnny was tasked to create a wiki on the political views of each state on a chosen topic. He chose to focus on cannabis laws.

From here, the project began to snowball.

Johnny posted his research live on WeedNews.com — which started to gain interest almost immediately. He would post updates on a weekly basis for his readers and was on his way to becoming an authority on the subject.

It wasn’t’ until two years after the project started that he teamed up with David to push the project full time. They hired a small team of writers, editors, and graphic designers to get the project moving and expand to cover other countries outside the United States and explore new topics like cannabis cultivation, health, and product reviews.

Now Weed News is one of the largest international news sources in the cannabis space — having been featured on major media outlets including High Times, Business Insider, the Guardian, and more.

David Harrison (BA) — Co-Founder & Medical Content Editor


  • Bachelor of Health Sciences — Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • Medical Cannabis Certificate — Pacific College of Health & Science

David was born and raised in New York state but moved to California for university. He fell in love with the Cali weed culture and stuck around after graduating from the Southern California University of Health Sciences.

During his education, David became intimately aware of the major health benefits associated with the cannabis plant after being diagnosed with chronic pain caused by a ruptured disc between his C6 and C7 spinal vertebrae.

After finding relief from the herb, David started taking part in protests against the prohibition of the plant throughout the mid-2000s — hoping to educate others on the usefulness of the plant and do his part in reforming cannabis laws in America.

In 2006, David graduated with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. By the end of his degree, his main focus was on exploring the medical attributes of the cannabis plant. He’s spent countless hours sifting through medical data to put together reports and information packages for cannabis companies and various other corporations over the next couple of years.

David eventually joined forces with David Harrison to build Weed News up to what it’s become today.

How to Get in Touch With Us

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Happy smoking everyone!