SabaiDee CBD Review: Does It Give You A “Mega Good Vibe?”

One of the first things you might learn in a marketing class is that a memorable brand or product name is crucial to success. In fact, there are branding consultants who charge enormous fees to create perfect names for new products.

Those experts probably wouldn’t have chosen the name “SabaiDee” for a product marketed to American consumers. It isn’t particularly catchy, it doesn’t evoke familiar emotions or sensations – in truth, it doesn’t seem to mean much of anything.

SabaiDee doesn’t just market to Americans, though. It sells CBD products to customers throughout the Northern Hemisphere, and the company’s name is meaningful to many people in Asia or with an Asian heritage. In Thai, the word sabaidee means “to be well” or “to be happy.” In Laos, it’s often used as a greeting in the same way that “Aloha” is used in Hawaii, but with a more inclusive meaning; in addition to hello, it can also ask “how are you?” or respond “I’m fine.”

But let’s be honest. American branding experts might not have endorsed company names like Hyundai or Mitsubishi, either. Once consumers became familiar with the quality of Hyundai cars or Mitsubishi electronics, however, the brands quickly became accepted in the U.S. At this point, consumers certainly don’t have to figure out how to pronounce their names.

SabaiDee CBD isn’t a huge company like those – at least, not yet. Based on the quality of its products and widespread distribution through retail outlets, though, it may soon be a name that’s easily recognizable in America. (And come to think of it, SabaiDee does sound a lot like CBD, so maybe the name isn’t that much of a reach after all.)

Let’s get you ahead of the curve and introduce you to SabaiDee CBD.

SabaiDee CBD: The Background

Despite the name’s Asian origins, SabaiDee CBD was founded in Los Angeles, by Alon Shabo in 2017. His story is similar to many of those who have started their own CBD company, Shabo discovered cannabidiol (the complete name for CBD) through personal experience. His step-mother used it to successfully treat the side effects of painful chemotherapy, and after doing some research he tried it himself to deal with his social anxiety.

Shabo found that CBD helped him. But he was discouraged by what he saw as the slipshod manufacturing practices, use of questionable ingredients and fillers to boost profits, and unscrupulous marketing used by many producers. So just like many others who’ve founded high-end CBD companies, he decided to do it better.

SabaiDee CBD says that the company is focused more on superior quality and company happiness than profits. Its business philosophy is “The more happiness we deliver, the more success we will experience.”

That may be at least a slight overstatement since the company is naturally focused on proper business practices to build its brand, its sales, and its nationwide distribution as well. But the quality of SabaiDee’s products and customer support, as well as its full transparency, show that the underlying approach is a sound one.

The company’s production processes also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, which is supported by a unique initiative: a “one million tree” mission. For every purchase, SabaiDee makes a donation to groups who plant new trees in areas that have been hit with deforestation due to floods and forest fires.

SabaiDee CBD seems to be a company driven by the best of intentions. It also appears to be fulfilling them.

SabaiDee CBD: The Approach

There are a number of best practices used by high-end CBD producers, and SabaiDee uses all of them.

The hemp plants from which the company sources its cannabidiol are grown organically on a Colorado farm dedicated to growing for SabaiDee. It’s not just any hemp, either. The strain was bred specifically for high CBD content, and the plants are all grown from cloned seeds to assure consistent quality in each crop.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp by the supercritical CO2 method, widely viewed as the extraction process that retains the highest amount of the CBD’s potency. SabaiDee then removes the minuscule amount of psychoactive THC that’s naturally present in hemp but leaves the plant’s other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

That process creates what’s known as broad-spectrum CBD, which some belief is the “best of both worlds.” Here’s why. The other compounds in hemp work together, in what’s known as the entourage effect, to boost the effectiveness of cannabidiol. THC contributes to the entourage effect even more, but when it’s left in CBD there’s a slight chance it could trigger a positive drug test. (If the THC is left in, the CBD is known as full-spectrum; if all other components are removed, it’s called CBD isolate.)

In effect, broad-spectrum CBD is a trade-off. Many users prefer the full spectrum’s incremental increase in its effectiveness. Those who are regularly drug tested, though, are willing to give up that slight advantage to make sure they’re “safe” by using broad-spectrum or isolate products. Some high-end producers offer a choice, but SabaiDee has decided to use broad-spectrum CBD in all of its products.

The company is careful to use all-natural ingredients in its formulations, including the best choice as a carrier oil, MCT coconut oil. It does add the natural sweetener stevia to help cover the raw taste of hemp, but generally speaking, no unnecessary ingredients are added. All products are tested in house for quality and CBD content, before being sent to a third-party lab for independent testing and the generation of COAs (certificates of analysis).

We prefer full-spectrum CBD because the possibility of failing a drug test is extremely low even when a minuscule amount of THC is present. That aside, we can’t take issue with SabaiDee CBD’s approach. The company designs and manufactures its CBD in a nearly-impeccable manner. And it deliberately keeps its product line lean and means by focusing on producing high-quality oils and topicals, instead of trying to maintain standards while creating dozens of additional products.

Well done.

SabaiDee CBD Oils

“Good Vibes” was the name of the company’s first product. There are now three major varieties of SabaiDee CBD oils, the original “Good Vibes” plus “Super Good Vibes” and “Mega Good Vibes.” (You can also buy “Great Vibes” or “Mega Vibes” bundles combining some or all of those products.)

Each version of this oil contains only broad-spectrum cannabidiol and MCT carrier oil, plus peppermint oil and stevia for flavoring. The difference between the “Good,” “Super Good” and “Mega Good” oils is potency; they contain 8.33mg/ml, 33.5mg/ml, and 83.3mg/ml of CBD, respectively. That’s an excellent range.

The company offers one additional choice: “Pure Good Vibes,” which is simply Super Good Vibes broad-spectrum oil without any additional flavorings added.

SabaiDee CBD Topicals

In keeping with the producer’s approach of creating a small number of high-quality alternatives, SabaiDee sells only two CBD topicals.

The Relief Rub contains broad-spectrum cannabidiol and several botanicals, including camphor essential oil and wintergreen leaf which provide a slight cooling effect and pleasant aroma, and blue tansy which contributes a calming effect. SabaiDee Comfort Cream is a lotion with a pleasantly-sweet scent; it contains broad-spectrum CBD plus bergamot, camphor, and peppermint essential oils for cooling, calming effects, and additional pain relief.

Notable for both products: they are completely natural products, unlike those sold by many competitors which contain extra ingredients for consistency, aroma, or color.

SabaiDee CBD: The Verdict

When you dig deeper into the high-quality CBD producers in the industry – and we’ve dug into quite a few – you’ll usually find one or two things they could do better. They may use a second-best option for a carrier oil, they may sneak an artificial ingredient or two into some of their topicals or edibles, or they may have excellent products in one category but slightly less-impressive entries in a secondary category like edibles or facial creams.

SabaiDee CBD has avoided all of those potential pitfalls. They’ve concentrated on doing the best possible job of creating just a few high-end products, and they haven’t skipped any steps or cut any corners to boost their profitability a little bit. That’s why SabaiDee’s CBD prices are somewhat higher than those charged by some companies – but they’re prices that are worth paying.

Some might wish that SabaiDee offered both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, or that they had branched out into CBD vape products or edibles, but that’s not what this company is all about. SabaiDee simply creates some of the very best CBD products available, in the categories where they’ve chosen to focus their efforts.

In a nutshell, founder Alon Shabo has done exactly what he promised: creating a caring, transparent company that produces a few CBD products of praiseworthy quality.

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