ZoZ: Washington State’s New Fire


I had the opportunity to attend the launch party for cannabis brand ZoZ, meet the not so new kids on the block. ZoZ is run by two prior medical marijuana growers, two people who know what it takes to make quality cannabis which is always of a medical grade. I walked away with 2 grams of Agent Orange which were delightful.

Glorious finish on this pretty lady ? #ZoZ #earthintoair #discoveryourelement #comingsoon ? @daniellapiccioni

Posted by ZoZ on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First, the physical appearance of the bud is to die for. The trichomes glistened off the bud. I’ve included a small video I took with a cheap China microscope, notice the brown hues and fully formed trichomes. One could smell the limonene terpenes right away. When I opened the jar, whiffs of citrus hit my nose and when I broke the bud up with my hands, smells of 1990 popped in my head.

#TrichomeTuesday Girl Scout Cookies and @surface_area999 for the win! Beautiful structure ??

Posted by ZoZ on Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Branding is backed by quality, this is how one succeeds and ZoZ is a top-shelf contender if they keep doing what they’re doing. Check out these pesticide-free growers in your local pot shop (Washington State only).

ZoZ Launch Party

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