Yocan Handy Vaporizer: A Small But Capable Box Mod

Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer

Innovation, that’s the name of the game for Chinese vaporizer manufacturer, Yocan. Yocan has always been in the forefront of the portable vaporizer industry coming up with new devices regularly, devices that merge and marry the elements of power and portability. However, today’s box mods are often too large or too weak for the modern-day consumer. This is why Yocan recently came up with a brand-new innovation that perfectly combines the elements of the two – The Yocan Handy Box Mod.

The Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer is a new device that’s both compact and capable. From the outside, you can easily appreciate its dimensions. The Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer only measures at around 48 mm tall, 38 mm wide, and 14 mm thick. To say the least, the Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer
is just only nearly 2 inches tall, that makes it smaller than a credit card allowing you to carry it easily and conveniently. Now, today’s market has no shortage of small and compact devices but none of them packs as much power and offers as much versatility than the Handy Box Mod from Yocan. This portable box mod vaporizer can easily become one of the best vape mods of our time. The Yocan Handy packs a rechargeable battery pack with a 500mAh battery capacity which provides its users with longer vape sessions and a proper compact vaping experience. The Yocan Handy Vaporizer can accommodate a wide range of cartridges from 9 mm and 11.5 mm wide making it an almost universal cartridge vaporizer – second only to another of Yocan’s latest offering, the Yocan UNI. The Handy vape box mod kit is essentially smaller than the UNI but still makes for a flexible ecig box mod having the capability of having a variable voltage battery. The Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer comes with three temperature settings which we’ll go over in a few. Also, the Yocan Handy presents a convenient way of vaping thick oils and e-liquids for different types of consumers but most especially those who are always on their feet.

What the Yocan Handy Has to Offer to On-The-Go Consumers

So, now that you have a vague idea of what the Yocan Handy has in store for you, it’s time we delve down to the specifics. The Yocan Handy was made with the on-the-go vaper in mind, let’s see why.

One advantage of using the Yocan Handy mini vape mod is its size. At only just less than 2 inches, it’s even smaller and sleeker than most pod-based vaporizers on the market. This means that you can take it with you almost anywhere you are and almost anywhere you go. It fits perfectly inside the palm of your hands making it a concealable device for those who want to keep their vaping sessions discreet and low-key. The Yocan Handy is one of the new vape mods that really take on-the-go vaping into consideration and here’s why.

On-the-go vaping revolves around the idea of having a device you can take with you when you go out and about. The kind that won’t keep you tethered to a wall outlet. To do this, portable on-the-go vaporizers required a portable power source – a battery. However, batteries are bound to run out of charge, hence, they lose power at some point. The problem is, the higher the battery capacity, the larger the battery must be, that’s why many vape box mod kits are bulky and heavy. To answer this dilemma, Yocan developed a new device. It had to be small – the likes that can easily fit any pocket. Lightweight,
since it need not hinder consumers from daily activities and a long battery life, because having to recharge your battery constantly kind of defeats the purpose of having a portable vaporizer.

The Yocan Handy Vaporizer uses a rechargeable battery that has a 500mAh capacity. Although the longevity of the battery is still affected by how often you vape and how hard you use it, it’s still enough for casual vaping sessions and recreational use. Most vaporizers this size carry batteries with 200 to 320mAh. This gives you and the Yocan Handy a definitive edge versus devices this small. The battery can be charged via an inclusive USB charger that you can plug in many devices like your desktop computer or your video game console when you’re at home. When you’re aping on your feet, you can connect it to your laptop or to a rechargeable power bank – how convenient.

And, speaking of convenience, removal and replacement of cartridges is relatively easy and straightforward. This cartridge battery uses a 510-threaded magnetic adapter which easily connects and disconnects from the battery. You can now easily replace cartridges on-the-go.

Small Is the New Big

One thing consumers look for in a compact vaporizer is its ability to produce decent clouds. Let’s admit it, due to the size and capability of average compact vapes, you’re pretty lucky if you get decent cloud output. It’s quite common for these small vaporizers to yield thin wisps of clouds. Don’t get me wrong, they’re perfect for stealth vaping but at some point, you’ll end up wanting more.

The Yocan Handy Box Mod Vaporizer is outfitted with a variable voltage battery that can change the temperature level of the vaporizer itself. When you go portable, you’d soon realize that having preset temperature settings is more convenient that having to dial in precise temperature levels. The Yocan
Handy uses a low, medium, and high setting so you can select between having thin clouds packed with flavor, a balanced output with decent viscosity and taste, or, you can go high with more visible output and increased potency.

Either way, the Yocan Handy makes you experience a whole lot more in a small and compact packaging. The Yocan Handy really proves that Small is the new big and totally redefines the meaning of the word “handy” by giving you all you want for your thick oil vaping needs.

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