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I’m not in the business of business, the last time I sold weed I worked at Raytheon in Tucson and sold it to co-workers, the profit I made just covered my consumption cost, no real gain. Because of this, I think I was unable to explain the what Yelp can do for people in the cannabis business.

Christy the Yelp representative here in Seattle area sent me a follow-up email to my last article on Yelp. I understand sending me to PR was protocol and take no offence to the process I had to undergo to explain what Yelp can do for you. She did though lay it out for me so I can give it to you on how Yelp can help you;

What I would have passed along in addition to Anna’s response is how businesses can take advantage of the free tools Yelp for Business provides to get the most out of the platform. Below are our recommendations:

  • Claim your business on Yelp. Get a visible checkmark telling users that you engage with the Yelp community. Then add beautiful photos and tell your business’ story in your own words.
  • Make it easy to find you. Verify your address, map pin, phone number, and website. Ensure your business is listed in appropriate categories.
  • Respond to reviews. Constructively address concerns when you see them. Our study shows that the right response to a critical review can improve a customer’s impression of the overall experience.
  • Display approved Yelp branding. Request free Yelp signage, show off your official People Love Us On Yelp window cling if you’ve earned it, and embed your favourite reviews on your website and social media.

I would have also mentioned that local businesses can visit to check out upcoming events for our business community here in Seattle, where we provide more insights, best practices, and networking opportunities to help businesses grow.

Thanks Christy for reaching out to our readers and thank you, readers, for coming here for your cannabis info and entertainment needs.

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