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The WSLCB is postponing last weeks decision to enforce gummy edibles and edible packaging restrictions. The restrictions are in an effort to reduce their appeal to children. Today the WSLCB wrote a press release stating “it will pause its marijuana edible product and label review for 30 days.” During this time, the WSLCB is asking a coalition of cannabis licensees to suggest alternative solutions.

WSLCB Agency Director Rick Garza said the board wanted to give cannabis licensees a month to present alternative solutions with the same end-result in mind, to discourage edible cannabis products from children. The WSLCB is basing their edible restrictions off of two main factors: color and texture. The WSLCB believes gummy candy with bright colors is more likely to attract children to them.

The original WAC restricting the types of edibles allowed on the legal marketplace already stipulates that colorful gummy candies and lollipops can be restricted, this rule was put into place back in 2015. These new restrictions come as a reinforcement of laws already in the legal code.

The WSLCB had webinar scheduled for next week to help licensees understand the new regulations. This webinar was also postponed until November in response to the public outcry.

By Jonathan Olsen-Kozial

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