WSLCB: It’s Time To Breakup The Band

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It’s Time to Refresh the WSLCB

Replacing the present board is a pipe dream just due to the committee being appointed by a Governor who doesn’t care about the cannabis consumer or culture, only the cannabis dollar vs. a board that is an elected body.

Not everything the past or present appointees have done has been wrong. Yes, many people who participated in medical were burned. Yes, it has created a pay to play system that goes against the State’s Constitution, but not everything has been bad.

Finding The Light In The Grow Room

Let’s talk about perception and function, the perception that ex-law enforcement, career policymakers and people of business gave the impression that the grownups are in charge, but after six years of business, it’s time to regulate the plant properly for the consumer.

Presently the WSLCB acts as the marijuana cartel with its limitations on how many can register and with their conscious control of the labs by allowing only one accrediting body for cannabis testing labs as well as limiting those labs to test only the recreational market marijuana, this is unAmerican.

Yes, the WSLCB has had and has some shitty policies still in place that inhibit the plant more than nurture it, but they have done some good.

The improved employment infrastructure has been one positive. Before I502 employees from grows to shop had no representation, no rights. Now under I502, they get minimum wage, holidays, and other benefits that fall under the Labor and Industries Department, also known as L&I.

Besides workers rights, the WSLCB has helped structure the industry to sell cannabis to the public with hurdles to jump, i.e., permits, licenses, and product tracking, things essential in any market like tobacco.

Along with the business structure, they have given legal standing to individuals with contracts in the cannabis industry. Cannabis business is still done with a handshake and a smile in most medically legal States but what the WSLCB did was bring those large growers out of the closet, people who want to be farmers and pay their bills without going to jail.

The WSLCB has helped create the infrastructure for Washington State’s cannabis business, and now it’s time to replace the present business policy police minded people and put in place people who know agriculture and industry.

Since the board also controls the liquor industry, I propose that cannabis should be separate. Cannabis has proven to be a higher income generator for Washington State because the regulated product stays 100% in Washington from seed to burn thus not only the billion dollar tax revenue has helped the State but the money spent by the employees of each company and so forth.

The present board has served its purpose, but with things like paying $192K to make a lawsuit go away, that would expose secret meetings or the most recent corrupt way they tried to shut down a lab that has since been reinstated by The Attorney General, its high time for new leadership and guidance. Besides the two previous corrupt acts, the WSLCB has failed the people by its stance on the homegrow issue. The WSLCB has made it known that it does not stand for the consumer only but also it’s stakeholders and to me its the consumer who is the stakeholder.

Washington State legalization cannot move forward until the present board chooses to be on the right side of history or is replaced altogether with a more competent group whose intentions are to really be there for the consumer.

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