Worker’s Rights In The Cannabis Industry Is What Makes America Great Again

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As an activist, who was against the legalisation of Cannabis in Washington State(I502), I try to look for the good our State’s legalisation has done because it all hasn’t been bad.

The normalisation of cannabis is almost here, as the West Coast continues to thrive as an “experiment”. Other States will soon realise that the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened and in fact creates a new niche market in their State because people just want to consume where they live, just like alcohol. The legalisation of cannabis is not a hindrance but an asset for all citizens of each “legal” State since it creates a safe place for citizens to acquire their cannabis needs.

One of the positive things that happened due to I502 was that it put labourers under the Washington State’s labour rule of thumb. Recently I came across a post in one of the I502 worker’s groups posing this question.

So, is it legal to have tryouts with multiple new hires for an I502 Tier 3 Producer without paying them? Saying after two days of labour intense work. They will make a decision keeping 1 or maybe 2 out of 3? #spanishwordfor (fire symbol)

The flat easy answer is no, according to Washington State Law “Hours worked must be compensated.” Besides the law and common decency, one needs to pay for the individual time of another, if one is making a profit.

On the same day, I saw the post above I saw the following video that has some good points on how to get into the cannabis industry, one of them of which is to work for free which is legal.

How to get Started

We hear this all the time all over the internet, so we figured we would give some advice. #getstarted

Posted by Honeycomb Creative on Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Interns vs Volunteers

Opportunity is what you make. If there was a cannabis industry when I was 22, I probably would have moved to a “legal” state to try and get my foot in the door instead of joining the military; but before you do that, have a plan. In the outlaw industry, it’s hard to figure out how to get your foot in the door, especially since it can still put you behind bars in some states and behind a Porsche in others.

As we saw in the Weediquette episode “Dank New World“, people are packing bags and leaving for legal states without even knowing the rules of that state. Each state’s cannabis laws and industry structure are different. Before you move, learn about the State’s industry your moving to.

Another grievance I’ve heard of is trimmers working for an hour as a demonstration, is this legal? Under Washington State law this would be illegal since the farmer can still use that product to sell.

I502 has hurt many older farmers who had storefronts as well. These farmers were older and paid for seasonal help with proceeds from the dispensary; this is no longer the case. The farmer now needs to employ full-time skilled staff, skilled with trimmers and a computer.

Under Washington State labour laws one must be compensated for hours work, but one can do volunteer work, this is what the cannabis farmers in the new regulated market need to work with. They need to offer apprenticeship programs and not lead people on with trying to get free work under the guise of its an interview or demonstration. If you hire someone and they are not able to produce as they said in the interview, it is then your right to fire a person. It is not your right to pit a group of people against each other in hopes of winning a job.

The cannabis industry has a lot of growing pains ahead, and the worker’s right in the industry is to be one of them.

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