Wisconsin Legislature Opens With Marijuana Reform On The Agenda


I received the following legislative alert:

The Wisconsin Legislature reconvened for the 2017-18 session today. Rep. Melissa Sargent plans to reintroduce legislation that would end Wisconsin’s criminalization of adult marijuana consumers in exchange for taxing and regulating it like alcohol. Her proposal would also permit seriously ill Wisconsinites — both adults and minors — to access medical marijuana.

Please contact your lawmakers today and ask them to support compassionate medical marijuana policies.

Effective medical marijuana programs have been created in 28 states, and Wisconsin patients should have the same access to this safe treatment option. Meanwhile, legalizing marijuana for adult use would allow the state to generate tax revenue from adult marijuana sales while providing the tools needed to adequately regulate the production and sale of marijuana. Let your legislators know you support legalizing marijuana for adult use!

Please contact your lawmakers today, and urge them to support compassionate medical and adult-use marijuana policy reforms. Finally, please forward this email to your friends and family in Wisconsin, and urge them to contact their lawmakers as well.


Becky Dansky
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

image via the Drug Policy Alliance

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