Wisconsin Legalizes Hemp Farming

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2017 was a good year for hemp farming in America. According to a report from Vote Hemp, the number of acres of hemp grown across 19 states totaled 23,343 in 2017, more than double the number of acres from the previous year. Kentucky alone tripled hemp production this year, and plans to ramp up hemp production across America in 2018 are already ramping up.

Another state was added to the list of legal hemp states this week, with Wisconsin’s Governor signing a hemp farming bill into law. Per Fox 6:

Republican Gov. Scott Walker has quietly signed a bill that allows Wisconsin farmers to grow industrial hemp.

Walker signed the bill Thursday.

The bill passed the Legislature unanimously. The measure’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Jesse Kremer, tweeted Thursday that the bill will make Wisconsin a leader in hemp production. His tweet included the hashtag “AmericasHempland.”

Wisconsin once led the nation in hemp production, and perhaps that will become the case once again. Based off of a running tally kept by Vote Hemp, Wisconsin becomes the 34th state to re-legalize hemp farming. Reports indicate that Canada is set to open up a total of 120,000 acres for hemp cultivation in the near future. China grows the most hemp out of any country, with one province alone cultivating over 70,000 acres of hemp with plans to more than double the acreage dedicated to hemp in the near future. If the United States wants to be a global leader in hemp production, it needs to pick up the pace!

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