Will Work For Weed or At Least Money For It

I had this article already in the works, but the Weediquette episode Dank New World made me want to hurry this along. Especially after seeing a young, optimistic couple with no real plan have their dreams crushed by thieves and rules.

First, let me say, know the state rules of where you plan on starting your marijuana empire. I was surprised by all the permits and licenses required to be a budtender in Colorado; I wonder of if it’s the same to bartend?

Marijuana has proven to be a multibillion-dollar tax generating industry, and while the rest of America slowly gets it shit together, there’s still an opportunity for the ordinary citizen to the already wealthy to create more wealth and common sense for our judicial system.

Consuming Cannabis And Employment

Living the dream to some is getting paid to smoke weed, to others, it’s to make a living and smoke without police interference. Work is work no matter what you do, people getting paid to smoke have to bust their ass just the same as those working in a trade, the grind is real, keep this in mind.

It’s funny (in a sad, it does more harm than good kind of way) that we are piss test before working at a grocery store or flipping burgers. Meanwhile, high paying tech jobs only drug test when they have to for insurance policies and D.O.D contracts, not job entry because they look at your skill set and potential, not urine.

There’s a time and place for everything; you may have to take a break from consuming to accommodate the reefer madness strange fruit mentality. You may need clean urine for an initial piss test for a job or an education program. Getting the job is the first step, keeping it is the rest.

Smoke Weed Everyday and Go To Work?

The easy answer is to tell someone “Get a job in the cannabis industry,” but that’s easier said than done, especially if have no work skills or live in buttfuck Kansas.

First off, no job will pay you to smoke all day unless you’re a social media content creator with a mass following or other form of entertainment media star.

Youtubers and other social media influencers have created a cannabis niche presenting things like new products, strain reviews, marijuana news, and activists tips; the cannabis consumer varies just like strains do.

Create your own thing

People with branding and experience are paying their bills based on likes, shares, for their opinion matters in a multi-billion dollar tax earning industry. Marijuana may be child’s play when it comes to toxicity but its a real revenue generator with real people in jail while others are becoming millionaires.

I’m lucky enough to have established myself but still don’t know how to turn a hundred thousand likes to a hundred thousand dollars, and I’m okay with that, for now; success and financial return take time and many failures.

Be Realistic

Have an idea of your skill set and how it could apply to the industry. If you don’t have a skill set and you want to work in the industry, your primary options are budtender or seasonal trimmer; this will get you your foot in the door and make you aware of future possibilities as see the needs of the industry.

If you have a skill set check out one of the many employment search engines for possibilities, use cannabis and marijuana as your search words. Since the legalization in 8 States and the District of Columbia websites like Monster and Indeed now are viable options for employment search.

There are also the specialist, people who were there before Indeed and Monster got over reefer madness with dollar signs and other start-ups happened, companies like Viridian Staffing.

Prohibition States

Say you do live in buttfuck Kansas where law enforcement and legislatures still act like it’s 1930, what do you do? There are a couple of things one has to keep in mind, one, if you get hurt at work and claim it, you’ll have to pee in a cup and do not smoke on the grounds, do it at home. These are common sense things, but people become complacent when they are comfortable in their environment.

Get experience that can be laterally applied to the cannabis industry. If you hope to be a farmer because you’re able to grow in your basement, why not start pursuing something in the agriculture field, this way when the time is right you can apply for a position in the state of your choosing.

Any trade can be applied to the present growing cannabis industry, for example, a small to large grow can incorporate carpentry and electrical wiring, as I ‘ve seen some small setups the size of closets but are isolated from the rest of the house. Not everyone is handy with tools, just like not everyone has a green thumb and patience.

Education Vs. Experience

As the cannabis industry grows and evolves with the rest of America, education, and experience just like in any other field are going to be necessary. Though in it’s present state a prison record is an asset, not a deterrent. Having served time for cannabis can be considered a degree in itself, and to the socially responsible employers, it is.

 Education can be acquired in many ways to increase hireability. One is vocational, this is my favorite and preferred, a hands-on experience with a practical application or one can learn by planting a seed, reading books, watching Youtube videos, and learn from failures and success. As marijuana becomes more the norm than not education opportunities are popping up from the west to east coast, programs like Oaksterdam can only put you ahead of the hiring curve when it comes to cannabis.

 Out of all the fields, I can only speak for one; the tech industry, as someone who has been a calibration and electronics technician for over fifteen years, I’ve encountered many successful stoners all over the country in this industry. Coding and other forms of software integration, data analytics, web services, electronics engineering, biochemistry, agriculture, all these disciplines can be laterally transferred to the cannabis industry. The tech industry is used by every sector including the cannabis industry. Technology is about pushing limits for dollars and if you know what you’re doing as a coding or as an electronics tech than your invaluable to million dollar companies.

 Living the dream for some is a big house with servants, for others its doing a thing that pays you, food in the fridge, and enough extra money for weed, while being left alone in privacy. No matter what you want to do, it requires hard work, continuing education, and determination. No matter what you end up doing, remember the hustle starts at 5 to have your own 9 to 5.


Have a plan and know the rules of the state where you wish to work. Have a skill set; this can be gained through vocational or classroom training. Create your opportunity by putting yourself out there. Lastly, work hard and never give up.


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