Will Georgia Finally Implement Access And Regulations For Medical Cannabis?

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I received the following alert out of Georgia today. If you live in Georgia, make sure to contact your lawmakers and urge them to allow reasonable medical cannabis access for patients:

Yesterday, lawmakers began their work in 2018, and they are again considering improvements to the state’s medical marijuana program. Two bills, HB 645 and HR 36, have been proposed to establish much-needed medical cannabis access for patients.

Click here to send a message to your state lawmakers in support of a workable system that includes cultivation, processing, and sales within Georgia for the state’s seriously ill patients.

Georgia has a very limited medical marijuana law, but prohibits in-state cultivation, processing, and regulated sales of medical cannabis. Georgia’s law encourages patients to obtain medicine through illicit means. It leaves patients with no option but to travel out of state for access to their medicine and bring it back, which is a violation of both federal law and of state law in places where medical cannabis is available. The law puts Georgians in harm’s way.

Rep. Allen Peake, long a champion for compassionate medical marijuana laws, is working on two possible solutions. First, HB 645 would allow two cannabis business licensees to grow, process, and sell medical cannabis oil. Meanwhile, HR 36 would allow lawmakers to place the issues of business regulations before voters in November.

Although you may have heard that Attorney General Sessions rescinded an important Department of Justice memo on marijuana enforcement, federal policy should not stand in the way. For the past few years, Congress has approved essential protections for cannabis businesses in medical marijuana states, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment.

Don’t forget to ask your representative and senator to support these critical bills. And pass this message to friends and supporters in Georgia!


Chris Lindsey
Senior Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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