Why The VA Cannot Help Vets with Cannabis: The Cannabis Activist Lawyer Perspective

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Cannabis Industry Attorney, Tom Howard, is back with his weekly series on questions regarding that legal marijuana trade. To ask your question about the cannabis industry, connect with the facebook page Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional and message them your question.

The VA recommends that Vets afflicted with PTSD try therapy as its first treatment option, but if drugs are prescribed cannabis is not an option.  Cannabis is not an option because it would violate a litany of federal laws designed to heinously punish people that traffic in Schedule I substances – like marijuana.

As a further example of the absurdity of marijuana’s current legal status under federal law, the VA’s own website admits that cannabis may actually benefit people suffering from PTSD because of the role that the CB-1 receptor plays in the disease. Evidently, and as Tom disclaims – he is not a doctor – PSTD depletes the body of neurotransmitter anandamide, an endocannabinoid that binds to CB-1 receptors.

While it is both unfortunate and sad that cannabis remains a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act, many states recognize PTSD as a qualifying medical condition for cannabis.  Many medical marijuana businesses even have outreach for Vets, and provide assistance in obtaining their licenses and even giving discounts for medicine. It’s time the federal law caught up so that our veterans can get their medical cannabis covered by the VA benefits.

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