Why The G Pen Gio Is My New Favorite Vape Pen Battery

g pen gio

A few months ago I was gifted a G Pen Gio vape pen battery by a friend. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first since it was without a cartridge and no cartridges were available in my area yet. As I usually do, I went online to read about the product to see what people had to say in other areas.

It’s my understanding from reading reviews from consumers in other legal states that G Pen teams up with cannabis companies in legal states to fill their cartridges. After owning the vape pen battery for a bit, I learned that an Oregon cannabis farm (one of my favorites!) called Pistil Point was coming out with cartridges for the battery in my area.

The first cartridge I purchased was filled with ‘Lemonz’ extract which is hands down one of my favorite strains in Oregon right now. It is so packed with lemony flavor. Expect a separate review of the cartridge soon, as well as one for the ‘Super Jack’ cartridge by Pistil Point which I also purchased recently.

To be clear, I paid my own dollars for the cartridge and this is not a sponsored post. I am providing this review in an unbiased fashion because I enjoyed the cartridge and G Pen Gio vape pen battery so much. To be fair, I did get the battery for free, but not under any condition of reviewing it.

When I took the first hit I knew that the pen was something special. The flavor was absolutely outstanding and the cloud produced was monstrous compared to other pens I have tried, which have been many. The G Pen Gio does not have a button and automatically starts working once you start to inhale. The hits are extremely smooth and unlike other pens, I didn’t have to moderate my inhale to optimize the hit.

It’s an extremely easy and straightforward pen that requires next to no thought on how to operate it. I have tried so many other pens that you have to hold a button for a few seconds to get the pen warm, then regulate the inhale as to not inhale to slow or too fast, and the end vapor cloud can only be described as wimpy. That is far from the case for the G Pen Gio.

The G Pen Gio also seems to charge lightyears faster than any other pen I have ever owned. It’s also much more discrete than any other pen I have owned. As you can see from the picture, the design is super ninja and anyone who has seen me holding it has thought that it looked more like a USB memory stick than a vaporizer pen. That has come in very clutch for situations which I want to maintain a low profile.

I would absolutely recommend this pen to anyone who is looking for the ultimate vape pen experience and specifically couple it with a Pistil Point cartridge if you are in Oregon. I think California has Pistil Point cartridges too, but I have yet to make a legal purchase in California yet so I’m not positive if they have them in California dispensaries yet or not. I have tried two Pistil Point cartridges so far and they were both absolutely outstanding.

The G Pen Gio is my new favorite vaporizer pen and I now carry it with me wherever I go. It’s the best pen on the market right now in my opinion. If they have them in your area make sure to swoop one up. You will not be disappointed!

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