Why Marijuana Supporters Should Boycott Patriot Care

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There are so many profiteers, posers, and sharks in the marijuana industry it’s insane. The marijuana industry should be for people that were around for the struggle first, and everyone second in my opinion. That’s not to say that the industry should only be for activists and those hurt by prohibition, but I have always felt that activists and those harmed by prohibition should be given preferential treatment in the industry.

Certain ‘pillars’ of activism that I think are not open for debate include such things as no mandatory drug testing for marijuana in the marijuana industry. I was involved in an effort to call out a very prominent marijuana company that was proudly touting the fact that it required mandatory drug testing to ensure that employees had no THC in their system. It was a very big ‘line in the sand’ moment for veteran activists and industry members.

Fortunately the company worked with the activism community and came up with a drug testing policy that was built around ‘just cause’ instead of being a mandatory policy. I think we can all agree that intoxicated people (from any substance that intoxicates) should not be working with volatile chemicals. But also, I think we can all agree that just because someone is a cannabis consumer does not mean that they are automatically unfit for work.

I have always looked at that showdown, and the result, as a very good thing and wear it as a ‘badge of honor’ of sorts. I’ve received some high fives over the years for it, and it makes me happy every time. A lot of people don’t know that I was actually sued by my former business partner for my opposition to mandatory marijuana testing by the company in question because apparently he was trying to work out an ad deal with them. Apparently he valued the almighty dollar over a basic principle of activism? I’ll leave that up to history (and the activism community) to decide.

I plan on continuing to call out bad actors in the industry. A marijuana company that clearly has no rightful place in the marijuana industry, or at least doesn’t deserve the support of consumers and supporters, is Patriot Care, a marijuana company based out of Massachusetts. You may remember when Tom Angell broke the story that Patriot Care formed a group to directly oppose legalization in Massachusetts, which was very lame to say the least.

Tom Angell broke news today on Twitter that the company came out with some very harsh comments aimed at preventing people with prior drug convictions from being a part of the marijuana industry:

That is absolutely disgusting to me. These profiteers are essentially supporting prohibition with their position, and definitely are supporting institutional racism. Minorities are much more likely to be convicted of a drug offense, and therefore are much more likely to be barred from being involved in the marijuana industry in Massachusetts if Patriot Care’s proposed policy was to take effect. That alone is enough of a reason to boycott Patriot Care. I urge you to not only boycott Patriot Care, but to let them know exactly when you are calling for and supporting the boycott. You can contact Patriot Care at this link here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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