Why Foreign Investment Cannot Fund The Cannabis Industry

Dick Nixon

Your friendly neighbourhood cannabis attorney donated some time to the question: Can foreign money invest in the US Cannabis Industry?  The answer will not surprise you because it is no.  There is a law against it.  The laws of the United States have taken a slant against all “controlled substances” and their trade since Dick Nixon went on an anti-semitic rant an saw the passage of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in 1970.

The Anti-racketeering Act of 18 USC Section 1952 explicitly bars “prohibited activity” that includes the business in “controlled substances,” like cannabis.  So, no foreign investment can legally be made.  However, can the Department of Justice and its elf-prince, Jefferson Sessions, actually be able to enforce the law?  Maybe not.

If the foreign investment goes to purely medical marijuana businesses that are entirely lawful under their state’s laws, then zero dollars are available for any prosecution.  At least, that is the theory upon which a Motion to Dismiss any indictment could be fashioned.

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