Why Does Facebook Continue To Treat Alcohol Better Than Cannabis?

Facebook Reckoning

When Facebook started the character limit was 420 and Pot Farm took off right after Farmville become a number one game app. So why the cannabis crackdown when there’s Pot Farm?

Lifestyle Media Company Loses Ad Account

It is no surprise that there has been a cannabis shadow ban (which I will get into further) but recently Facebook has deleted the ad account of an up and coming media company, Respect My Region, for “promoting illegal activities”. As you could imagine this is no Bueno but what’s worse is that the ad rep acknowledges there is a preference on how you are treated based on the size of your bank account. Below are the screenshots from Mitch Pfeifer’s conversation with Facebook’s Advertisement Support or rather lack of.

Mitch Pfeifer Conversation With Facebook

Mitch Pfeifer Facebook Conversation Continued

It’s one thing if they were promoting cannabis products but Respect My Region had their ad account pulled due to being guilty by association. Respect My Region made advertisements for bands and events, never for a cannabis product but because RMR has a cannabis section Facebook says it violates their rules. Facebook chooses deeper pockets over actual any enforcement that benefits society, this is evident when newspapers still have accounts (because many do have a cannabis or weed section) or when Groupon can advertise a monthly “Cannabox” on the same day they lose their ability to produce sponsored content.

Facebook Groupon Ad

Besides through big dollar, Facebook has shown preference towards alcohol by suggesting “drink events” in my feed when I was looking for local events in my area, thanks for nothing Facebook.

Facebook Drink Events

Trolling The Police

Facebook is such a large and faceless entity, I was surprised they even had a customer service department to answer questions, unlike they do for deleting 10-year-old accounts with blanket accusations. The search engine shadowban is easy to prove. Even though my once activist account of 10 years was deleted, I decided to jump back on using the one I used for the family and people I know in real life.

Besides spreading awareness of current policies and arrests, I like to entertain, to make people smile or think. One of the things I do for this is trolling the police, troll them with memes and 1-star reviews with reminders that there are real bad guys out there. I am not anti-cop, in fact, I believe ending the drug war would be safer for both the police and citizen but I feel if you devote man hours to ruin lives for a plant that is non-toxic is ludicrous.

So how do I prove to you the shadow ban is real? Well, one of the ways I use to be able to find these outrageous brag by law enforcement was to simply type in the words cannabis and marijuana in the search bar and find the police posts bragging of such but sometime between when I lost my first account to when I started getting back on Facebook, they change the algorithm to where nothing pops in the search. I can still find the occasional asshole brag but instead of words describing the plant, I now use the bullshit words the police use like “criminal indicators”.

This is just another reminder that the free app, the free platform, the free tool, really comes at a cost and that cost is your freedom of speech, even in a legal state.

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