Who Grows The Best Cannabis In Oregon?

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Oregon is home to the best cannabis growers on the planet. I realize exactly how bold that statement is, and I stand by it. I have been fortunate enough to travel to a number of cannabis events over the years and have consumed as much cannabis as I could get my hands on in each state that I have visited. Other states have great cannabis, but I am always happy when I get home to consume the finest cannabis that Oregon has to offer.

There has never been a better time to be a cannabis consumer in Oregon. Access to cannabis is greater than it has ever been before, with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) having received 759 applications from dispensaries as of this post. Top shelf cannabis in Oregon is as cheap as any of the legal cannabis states with the OLCC having received 2067 applications from cannabis growers as of this post. More outlets and producers are applying every month.

Oregon has one of the best cannabis legalization laws in the country, which combined with the low barrier to industry entry, has equated to a thriving cultivation community in Oregon. I often get asked by friends inside and outside of Oregon which growers are the best. Everyone wants to know who is the best indoor grower and/or who the best outdoor grower is.

I certainly have my personal opinions, but to be fair, I have not consumed cannabis from every grower in the state (not for lack of effort!). Plus, my opinion is just one of many, and admittedly based on some subjective biases. A much more objective way to determine who the best growers are in Oregon is via a cultivation competition, and there is no better grower competition in Oregon (or likely the planet) than the Cultivation Classic in Portland May 12th.

I was a judge last year, and the samples were unreal. My judge’s pack literally did not have one mid-grade nug in the entire bunch. Every single nug was unreal. Being a judge for the event was a tremendous honor, and I have somehow done something right in my life because I have been asked to judge once again this year. In my defense, I have been training a lot over the years and I’m well prepared!

The window in which to submit entries to the Cultivation Classic is closing soon, but there is still time. One thing that I really like about the Cultivation Classic is that there are multiple dropoff points so that growers from around the state can easily enter the competition. It’s going to truly be a representative competition with bragging rights on the line for who is among the best growers in Oregon.

If you think that you have the flower that will win the competition, by all means, I encourage you to enter. Partly because I hope to sample your flower, but mostly because I want to see you get the credit that you deserve if/when you win! To find out more about the event, and how to enter, check out the Cultivation Classic website.

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