Who Do You Remember On Memorial Day

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I’m not a fan of holidays, but the t.v and other forms of ads remind me what time of the year it is. This year it’s a day of false patriotism as people who never served in the military claim to be for the troops and some who have served act as war heroes in the name of Jesus, and other ideologies; when in all actuality they joined for money via employment which taught them valuable life skills.

Thank You For Your Service

It is nice to hear, but I never got shot at, at least not overseas while serving in the Navy. My hardships included intense electronics training, manual labor, shitty food, lack of showers, and constant deployments.

I and many others joined out of necessity not out of blind devotion to country, but one eventually understands what the word patriotic means. I was in my third year of service, a year before 9/11 when I changed my attitude from it being just a job to fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way.

My first deployment is when it solidified my love for my country and the camaraderie of the people I met than after 9/11 it was all “America, Fuck yeah.”

I felt there was a greater good during things like Operation Southern Watch I was involved with but I also never had to pull the trigger. My job was to make sure the planes were ready to kill. A killer by proxy is still a killer, and that’s how I view the prohibitionists willing to let our flawed American law violate men and women in the judicial system.

When I served I was fighting for my children’s happiness to be themselves, as they grew older, I wanted them to have the ability to be gay, straight, or naturally medicated, my fight was for the freedom I thought they should have. I was fighting for my brother who was in Iraq knowing the planes I helped could save his and many other asses if I did my job.

I appreciate all the thank you for your services, even the ones who thank me for stuff I have done in the name of cannabis freedom.

Lead By Example

After the military, I quickly realized the freedoms I had as a civilian and was pissed off. When its easier to get coke than weed the world is sick. The internet was brand new, Google and most other algorithms weren’t corrupt with misinformation and ads, so I spent my time looking for stories and incidents involving marijuana. Why were the laws structured so heavily against cannabis? I thought as I search that I would surely find mass outbreaks and events of violence but this was the opposite, and in fact, all the violence is committed by my government and the people who are supposed to protect me.

As I quickly went down the cannabis conspiracy rabbit hole, it was apparent to me that there needed to be more voices out there and I elected to create mine as Miggy420 and went online where I met my friends Johnny Green and Jay Smoker. With my virtual brother in arms, we helped start many conversations in the name of cannabis reform.

This Memorial Day while barbecuing, drinking beer, smoking weed (legal or illegal, medical or recreational), or whatever floats your boat, I hope you stop and think about those serving overseas away from their loved ones, those who have passed away in the name of freedom and while you’re thinking about past and present wars, think about the drug war and those who have died from not being able to holistically treat themselves or have died behind bars, over a plant.

For Memorial Day this year help fight the war on pot by bringing hope to a prisoner. Write a prisoner, share a prisoner’s story, remind them they’re still human and have not been forgotten. Help make the war on drugs another war we remember with a paid day off and recreational sales.

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