When Is It Okay to Put a Human Being Behind Bars?

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Marijuana is Medicine, on to the next argument

Prohibition continues because people in power continue to dispel and not believe that cannabis is not the drug they were taught to fear from 1930s propaganda, even with a present-day opioid crisis people are ignorant and try to connect legalization with addiction, this is not the case.

As we continually learn about the endocannabinoid system and how our bodies accept cannabis, we learn in different people it heals. The harm reported by cannabis includes allergic reactions like rashes (some people can’t physically handle the plant or consume the flower), hyperemesis, and jail. So far (out of 100 years) there is nothing that supports the fear of an addiction outbreak.

31 States have some form of medical marijuana on the books, that’s over half the country, which most likely can be interpreted as over half the country believes that cannabis helps people. Marijuana is medicine.

What is the argument to continue the drug war? To keep laws on books that inhibit a citizen’s life when we got bigger shit to worry about, real bad guys committing not just the atrocious crimes but the petty ones as well. Canada just legalized weed while we have men and women with their lives stripped away for being part of a “network” under Rico laws but today would be considered business people.

Legalization Needs You

In an alternate universe, I would have gone through all my same shitty struggles except instead of you reading my words here; I would have a shitty website with my poetry and science fiction. Legalization needs you, the average jane-joe to do what you can because as an American citizen your voice counts, whether that voice is dollar signs or voting, it counts.

Personally, it’s frustrating to daily see placating news like Trump’s daily antics or shit that happens overseas when there are real local, on this landmass. We have people, innocent of never harming anyone people, sitting in concrete cells with murders, rapists, and other mentally ill.

Citizens are no longer offered the blue-red pill option when it comes to legalization; this is a life and death issue for us. Justice and freedom is bland when know there’s a continuous rape of your civil liberties going on. Day to day I walk the halls in my corporate America job and wonder what pill they choose. The war on drugs has empowered people in power in our (the average citizen’s interest), but it has not helped our real systemic issues like homelessness and unemployment, in fact, its added to these issues since people’s lives are altered by the bad law and not some perverse side effect of this plant.

We can no longer afford the fact that this plant helps many and as a citizen, I should have it as an option to get my daily dose of Vitamin THC, CBD, CBG, and whatever new cannabinoid is discovered to affect our bodies. People need to accept some conspiracies are real, that cannabis is not the devil’s lettuce but just another plant in grandma’s garden.

My highest power as an activist has been just maintaining my shit as a citizen, a dad, a husband, and a veteran. I get it, life’s hard but what’s harder is when you add the threat of prison or worse sitting behind bars or have all your possessions taken away in the name of misguided justice. How can we love thy neighbor, when there are assholes like Kevin Sabet who are willing to let fathers and mothers grow old and die behind bars. We need to speak and vote on this one issue that will help America.

Marijuana is medicine, and now it’s onto the next argument as to why Craig Cesal, Antonio Bascaro, John Knock, Parker Coleman, Maurice Foley, Craig Frazier, Rohan Walters, Edwin Rubis, Way Quoe Long, Leopoldo Hernandez-Miranda, and so many more are serving de facto death sentences.

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