When Does Marijuana Legalization Take Effect In Michigan?

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Last night was a very big night for cannabis reform in Michigan, with voters overwhelmingly approving Proposition 1. Michigan became the first state in the Midwest to legalize cannabis. Cannabis legalization was overdue in Michigan, and I am extremely happy to see the state finally get on the right side of history and take its rightful place on the list of legal states.

But just because the cannabis legalization initiative was approved by voters does not mean that adults 21 and older can start legally possessing, cultivating, and consuming cannabis yet. The initiative still has to take effect. When does that happen? Below is an explanation from Ballotpedia:

“According to state law, ballot initiatives go into effect 10 days after results are certified. Michigan results are certified about three weeks after Election Date. Therefore, legalization of marijuana would likely occur in December 2018.”

If Michigan is like many other states that passed legalization measures that did not immediately take effect, enforcement of prohibition may be suspended, at least in some areas. For instance in Oregon, many counties and cities suspended enforcement of cannabis prohibition while a handful of municipalities clung to prohibition until the bitter end.

For consumers that live in Michigan, make sure to keep up on what is happening in your area. Until the law is in full effect, you still run the risk of arrest and/or prosecution. It seems silly for law enforcement to want to bust people for something that is going to be legal in the near future, but some members of law enforcement are jerks, so be mindful!


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