What’s Your Legalization Message?

Grandmas Smoking Weed

I did a video shoot yesterday and in reflection wish I had said this. “Marijuana is my safer choice. My safer recreational choice and my safer holistic treatment. My day is not worse off for partaking. We, the consumers of cannabis, are your brothers and sisters. Your neighbor, your friend, that stranger that stops to help you out. People are still serving 20 to 30 years of a life sentence, free the prisoners before it becomes a death sentence.”

I couldn’t tell you when the video will be published but be assured when it does I will write another blog about it. The shoot was for Guess My Drug; mine was cannabis. Several of us volunteered to line up to be identified with a drug we consume every day. I volunteered as the weed guy or as in “respectable” circles the cannabis guy.

My hope is to represent cannabis consumers as the every day Joe. Sometimes that’s hard to do in not color blind America, but with the recent news of Trump supporting State’s rights, there’s hope, even though there’s supposedly a wall that won’t do shit coming. Apparently, he is going to support State rights, but it bothers me that it took a standoff with the passing of the Justices that was never addressed during a Huckabee news conference, she merely complained that there was a stalemate.

The company I did the video made the Grandma’s Smoking Weed For The First Time video below. Perhaps one of my favorite and most iconic demonstrations that pot doesn’t kill besides that one time I watched Dave Wisniewski eat a pound of cannabis live on Facebook. So be assured whatever ass I did or did not make of myself will live in infamy.

My point here is not to express my lack of humility but to ask, what is your message? I was given the spotlight and I all I saw was bright lights, millions of people seeing my message, and wondering if I had a booger hanging.

There’s so much to say about the legalization of cannabis and the war on drugs that a day is not enough time, let alone 5 minutes but I do remember something Radical Russ said, and that was what would be your 30-second sound byte? Because that’s the America we live in, people who make decisions have a.d.d.

During the video shoot, I found out that YouTube has demonetized the Grandma video along with all”drug-related” videos made by Cut but not the drinking ones. This makes me mad and worried that some of the amazing work Cut has done with clearing up the smoke on stigmas, with that said, “What’s your legalization message?” Below is Cynthia Nixon’s from Sex in The City fame running for office.


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