What’s On Your Secret Sesh Playlist?

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Good music reflects life and a positive message, this summer I would like for you to check out the following 420 friendly artists.

Through the power of Youtube’s algorithm, I found Cuco and his nonbinary video ’’Summer Time High Time” track. He will seduce you with his melodic tone and persuasive rhythm. Self-described as pop synth, I would say he’s the epitome of pop synth right now. Add Cuco To Your summertime smoke sesh playlist.

If you like new hip-hop, next, I would like to introduce you to J.I.D. His video and song Never will not leave your mind in a while as it pumps you up for your day. As you go down the J.I.D rabbit hole, you’ll also encounter The Earthgang. These artists give me hope for the culture as we steer away from names that start with Lil and songs about popping pills.

One last drop, not a new artist but one of my favorite tracks in my sesh playlist is Green by Dumbfounded, with lines like I “measure brownies on a weight scale” and  “Engine off, Windows Up. That’s the way I like to puff”, you can’t help but love this track and many more by Dumbfounded.

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