What Makes NCIA’s Seed To Sale Show Unique?

ncia seed to sale show

I have been attending various types of cannabis events for over two decades, which is well before industry-focused events existed. In decades past cannabis events were primarily focused on cannabis activism and culture. Those types of events fortunately still exist, but the amount of them that occur seem to be far less compared to cannabis industry events. It’s insane how many of them there are, and with more popping up virtually every day.

Cannabis industry events come in all sizes these days and can be found all over the nation. Some of them are worthwhile but far more of them are, quite frankly, not worth the time and money. The events feature essentially the same format, with a lot of the same speakers (or speakers you never heard of), and in venues that leave a lot to be desired.

I want to attend cannabis industry events that bring something new, and that can teach me about things that I have never heard of before and that take me deeper on topics that I already know about. I want to network with people that are at the forefront of the cannabis industry. That is why I am such a big fan of the Seed to Sale Show hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. NCIA puts on events that are always informative and worthwhile, with the Seed to Sale show being a prime example of that.

Other events may list an interesting topic being presented on, just for the presentation to fall flat because the speaker is not a true expert on the topics they are presenting on. How many times have you been at an event or read an event’s schedule and been left scratching your head wondering who someone was and why they are a credible speaker? No offense to events that fit that description, but it’s a huge turnoff. I want to attend events that are unique.

One big reason why the Seed to Sale show stands out among so many cannabis industry events is the speakers. NCIA always does an outstanding job of bringing in speakers that have rarely (or have never) presented at cannabis industry events. They are always powerful leaders with invaluable experiences and backgrounds, which combined with their passionate public speaking skills, makes for epic presentations.

Tony Magee, the founder and CEO of Lagunitas Brewing Company, is giving a keynote speech at the Seed to Sale Show and it’s sure to be nothing short of stellar. The Seed to Sale show also features a lot of other speakers that are all true experts in their areas of the cannabis industry. They all have proven track records of success and can impart wisdom to people in the crowd in ways that others in the cannabis industry cannot.

Another thing that separates the Seed to Sale Show from other events is the exhibitors. Virtually every event has exhibitors, but they are usually just people trying to sell the same stuff that everyone at every other event is selling. Very rarely does an event feature truly innovative ideas that will disrupt the cannabis industry. The Seed to Sale Show will feature several of them, all of which you need to know about. It could mean the difference between you telling your grandkids how you swung and missed in the cannabis industry when it was just starting, or being able to tell your grandkids that you learned about something before the competition did and that it made all the difference.

Many events have panels, but the panels are very limited because there’s not enough time to really dig in on specialized information about the topic. Many events pack way too many different topics on one agenda, and in a way that is haphazard. The Seed to Sale Show organizes all of the panels into one of three tracks – cultivation, infused products and extractions, and business strategies and innovation. Each track has a series of panels that will really go in depth on each area of the cannabis space.

Over the course of the two-day event, the crowd will hear from top experts that are helping revolutionize the areas of the cannabis industry in which they operate. In an industry where there really is no guidebook and history is being made every day, this is how you get the most education for your money. Do not miss out. Learn about the future of the cannabis industry at the Seed to Sale Show so that you can crush it. Make sure to get your tickets to the Seed to Sale Show as soon as possible before they are sold out!

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