What Is Croptober?

Growing up in Oregon I can say firsthand that the Fall season is a magical time of year, and not just because the leaves on the trees are changing color. In Oregon, and on the entire West Coast, October is known for something more than just Halloween – it’s also known for ‘Croptober.’

For those that don’t know what Croptober is, it’s a nickname for the outdoor cannabis harvesting season. Technically there is no exact start or end date to Croptober. For some outdoor growers with either fast-finishing strains or light-deprivation gardens, Croptober starts in September. But for most growers, Croptober typically occurs throughout the month of October.

In Oregon specifically, cannabis consumers can expect to see a flood of sungrown cannabis hitting the market, and for rock-bottom prices. I am not sure exactly how much cannabis will be harvested in Oregon this Croptober, but I have to assume that it’s going to be measured by tons and not ounces.

The same is likely to be true across the West Coast, and perhaps in other legal states. The cheapest non-Croptober everyday price that I have seen in Oregon is $28 per ounce at a dispensary in Portland. It’s quite possible that the price could get even lower for outdoor cannabis by the time Croptober is over.

Indoor cannabis prices will also likely drop at dispensaries as indoor cannabis will be competing with the massive influx of sungrown cannabis. Many consumers may still prefer indoor cannabis, but it’s going to be hard for dispensaries to keep prices of indoor cannabis up when that jar of indoor cannabis is sitting next to a jar of outdoor cannabis that is extremely cheap.

Demand for all cannabis in Oregon, and likely California too (Washington does not allow home grow) will take a dip this time of year because so many home-growers will be harvesting their plants. I know that my best friend Jay had four plants at his house that were taller than Shaquille O’Neal and will no doubt yield a bunch of flower.

It will keep him and his family flush with flower for months to come, lowering their need to visit a dispensary. They are obviously not alone. If you are a consumer on the West Coast, buckle up, because cannabis prices are about to go on a roller coaster ride. Happy Croptober everyone!

Johnny Green
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