What Is A Marijuana Waterfall Bong And How Do You Make One?

waterfall bong

Earlier today I wrote two articles, one about how to get the highest from the smallest amount of cannabis and another on how to make a gravity bong. It seems fitting to also talk about what a waterfall bong is in a stand-alone article and how to make one in order to make the day complete.

To make a waterfall bong, you will need an empty two-two liter bottle, a drill, and a metal cannabis bowl. The first step is to drill a hole in the bottom of the two-liter bottle. It can also be done by carving out a hole with a knife, but a drill is much faster and requires less effort.

The second step to creating a waterfall bong is to drill a hole in the cap of the bottle and put the metal bowl in it as snuggly as possible to create as much of an air-tight seal as possible. If it’s not airtight you won’t create as large of hits.

Once those steps are done the waterfall bong has been made. All that is left is to fill the bottle with water while keeping your finger on the hole, putting the cap back on the bottle with cannabis in the bowl, and light it while removing your finger. Gravity will take care of the rest. Below is the process via an image from Reddit:

how to make a waterfall bong

As I pointed out in my article earlier today, the image above is deficient in one major way – the bottle fills with smoke, not vapor. Obviously, this method involves smoking from a mass-produced plastic soda bottle, and even though I am not a doctor (duh), I have to assume that’s not a good thing. That’s the one downfall to the concept.

When I ask new friends if they want to ‘take a waterfall’ the new friends tend to think of a gravity bong, which is close to the same concept but not quite the same thing. The waterfall bong has also been referred to as an aqua lung or a third lung, and I am sure many, many other things.

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