What Is A Marijuana ‘Dub Sack’ And How Much Does It Weigh?

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Once upon a time in Oregon when I was a newer cannabis consumer ‘the dub sack’ reigned supreme. For those that are not aware of the term ‘dub sack’ it is a slang term for twenty dollars worth of cannabis. How much does a dub sack weigh? The answer to that question is evolving.

In the 1990s in Oregon, a dub sack generally weighed anywhere from one gram to two grams. That was for top-shelf cannabis. The lower the quality of the cannabis involved, the more the dub sack weighed. If it was the type of cannabis that had seeds in it, the weight of the dub sack could be fairly substantial, albeit for quality that was completely lacking.

These days in Oregon, and I would imagine in other legal states, the concept of the dub sack is fading away. At legal dispensaries, cannabis is sold by the gram or eighth (or ounce if you are a large purchaser) and prices vary. At $10 per gram, the weight of a dub sack can obviously be easy to determine. But with falling prices, the amount of quality cannabis that consumers get for $20 is increasing.

Every once in a while I will go into a dispensary and when the budtender asks what I am looking for, I tell them, ‘I am looking for a dub sack of dank.’ The look on their faces is usually priceless. If it’s a younger budtender, they generally just look confused and ask for clarification, to which I provide them with a history lesson.

If it’s an older budtender, they almost always chuckle and then go Obi-Wan Kenobi and say, ‘now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.’ It always seems to brighten their day. That is usually followed by, ‘so, do you really want $20 worth of something?’ To which I reply with my own chuckle and say, ‘no, I just wanted to see if you were down!’

How much does $20 get you where you live? And do people still refer to that amount of cannabis as a dub sack in your area, or is it called something else? I look forward to reading the comments and taking a trip down memory lane!

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