What Does Wake And Bake Mean And Should Marijuana Consumers Try It?

wake and bake

If you are a new cannabis consumer or are coming back from a very long break from consuming cannabis you may have heard the term ‘wake and bake’ and been unfamiliar with it. What is a ‘wake and bake’ as it relates to cannabis consumption? When cannabis consumers wake and bake, they consume cannabis very quickly after waking up for the day.

Waking and baking can be a very pleasurable experience for cannabis consumers. If a person consumes cannabis in the afternoon or evening, the effects may not be as strong as desired and the duration of effects can be shorter than desired. That is typically not the case when people wake and bake.

To be fair, a wake and bake can occur outside of the morning hours. If a person takes a midday nap or works certain hours (swing shift or graveyard hours) which result in them waking up for the day in the afternoon or evening, a wake and bake can be accomplished during those hours too. However, the morning is the most common time for a wake and bake.

Without exception, when I wake and bake I get very high and the high lasts for several hours, for better or worse. I say for better or worse because sometimes being really high in the morning for many hours is not necessarily a solid strategy. If you have a lot of tasks that you need to accomplish during a particular day, waking and baking may not be something that you want to do.

When cannabis consumers get as high as possible right when they wake up, it can really slow them down. A proper wake and bake will almost always lead to afternoon naps, so keep that in mind. It’s not to say that you can’t power through a wake and bake induced haze, but it’s not optimal. If there is even a chance that you will have things pop up, it’s probably better to wait until later in the day to consume cannabis.

But if you do not have a lot to do in a given day, getting really stoned right when you wake up can be a really fun thing. I love waking and baking when I am on vacation or on rainy days at home when I know that there will be no chores for me. I get a warm blanket and some snacks and veg out on my couch. Lazy weekend days are perfect for a wake and bake.

As with all cannabis consumption, planning ahead is important. Not just as it pertains to making sure that chores or tasks are completed, but also to make sure that your wake and bake experience is as awesome as it can be. Make sure that you have preferred beverages and snacks, and some form of entertainment lined up, even if that entertainment is just staring out the window at the world around you!

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