What Conditions Will Qualify For Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program?

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Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 on Tuesday, which legalizes medical marijuana. Next year Missouri’s medical marijuana program will be implemented and qualifying patients will be able to register for the program and be able to legally possess and cultivate cannabis. Below is a list of which conditions that will qualify, per the official text of the initiative that passed:

  • cancer
  • epilepsy
  • glaucoma
  • intractable migraines
  • severe muscle spasms
  • debilitating psychiatric disorders
  • HIV
  • prescription medication addiction
  • any terminal illness
  • any other medical condition that a physician determines to be debilitating or chronic

The last condition listed is obviously a broad description that could include a number of conditions, which is a good thing. When medical cannabis laws are too rigid, it results in suffering patients being left on the outside looking in.

By leaving it up to licenses physicians, it results in medical marijuana patient benefit determinations being made by doctors, not politicians and bureaucrats. That is how it should be in every state.

Johnny Green
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