What Are Some Colorado Politicians Smoking?

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I am not the most politically savvy person, but I take pride and confidence knowing that Washington State Politicians stand up for their constituents. Our form of legalization is lacking in many forms like homegrows being allowed but the will of the people is that I should be able to consume my cannabis without going to jail and that’s what’s important.

In light of Jeff Sessions recent decision to rescind a nonbinding memo, life will go on here in Washington, and we will stand on the right side of history. We are fighting every day to correct the injustice known as the drug war, a war that has no end and that the cure is not prison but treatment.

Colorad Rep. Doug Lamborn

Now I have to ask, what the fuck is going on in Colorado? The other first State to legalize marijuana. Recently Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn Tweeting “The Federal Government should uphold the Federal law” a Tweet where he implies that legalization has been a disaster for Colorado, but I pose the question, “In which way, good sir?”

I’m guessing that reduce crime is bad or the funding of treating real addiction is bad? How about all that tax revenue that goes to schools? That must be bad. The issue here is Rep. Doug Lamborn represents Colorado Springs where an Army base resides and this is how he gets away with archaic rhetoric is because the military has to abide by archaic rules. I hope this damages his numbers and that Colorado Springs steps and shows they’re not drunk with policy.

Colorado Bill SB18-029

Next up from Colorado is a bill to introduce some nanobot spray to cannabis, so that one can distinguish medical from recreational. To create funding for this proposal is outrageous and atrocious, the secret behind cannabis is its organics, people don’t need some bullshit spray added to their medicine or Friday night.

When I first came across the meme, I thought this was a joke, until I looked it up. Here’s is the proposed rule (click here), if you’re a Colorado resident I hope you’re able to fight this one, this would not be good for cannabis and would be a waste of American Tax dollars.

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