“What About The Children” Is Not A Reason To Hurt Families


Something is rotten in America, specifically Salem, Massachusetts and Kansas, places where children are being taken from good homes based off biased beliefs and ignorance.

Marijuana prohibition is hurting more American families each day and in these two cases, it’s not so much what they have done while under the influence of a plant but for believing in its medicinal properties and that consumption of it is not wrong, it’s the law that is wrong.

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In Salem, Ma. Scott Bettano had his children taken away due to a bitter wife and a reefer madness ignorant judge. Scott Bettano had his children taken away because he runs a social media app known as Social High.

How is it that we live in a world where children are taken away due to guilt believing in something, isn’t this what people with religious conviction cry about?

Scott Bettano is guilty of being a father, guilty of trying to make a living by pursuing his internet dreams, guilty of creating an app and nothing more but why did Justice Peter Digangi feel it necessary to take two children out of a loving home?

Reefer madness hurts us with guilt by association and through the mouth of babes speaking the truth, as in the case of Shona Banda.

Shona Banda lost her children not because she’s an incompetent parent but because her child was intelligent enough to say to the State of Kansas’s establishment “What you’re teaching me about cannabis is not true. That my mom uses it for medicine.”.

In Shona’s case it is clear that Kansas kidnaps children, they bully and steal because the little guy can’t fight back when small town politics are predominant in running the State. And they almost got away with it, except in Shona’s case she has a little fame and is on the right side of the moral argument of a bad law.

What Shona has done in her small town equates to a person having a black friend in 1776 America. Back then such relations were frowned upon, if not persecuted and prosecuted, how much sense does that make now?

Cannabis is medicine, which can be backed up via 8 federal patients, multiple U.S Department of Health patents, and a simple Youtube search. Shona uses cannabis as medicine but this is frowned upon in her region. An area plagued by reefer madness ignorance;  While I can buy ounces in a local retail shop, her children are taken away over her belief that cannabis is medicine, that we have an endocannabinoid system and that as long as I consume as a responsible adult, I can carry on with my life.

Something is rotten in America and if we don’t fix it, the injustices occurred in the name of the drug war will outweigh those by real bad guys. I question a society that screams “What about the children?” When its the law itslef ruining lives and giving children P.T.S.D.

We’ve all seen those images of people passed out on heroin with children in cars, we all know there’s an opiate epidemic and while there are centers for injecting and clean needle exchange programs, America continues to put people in jail for a plant.

If you want one cause, one thing that can be corrected and will change lives, will change America’s police state, I say End Prohibition and let us get on with our lives, let us smoke like others drink, in peace.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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