Welcome Back Analytical 360

Analytical 360

Analytical 360 Reinstated

On May 14th, Analytical 360’s suspension was lifted. Not out of any act of benevolence or sensibility on the part of the WSLCB, instead, their case was handed over to the State’s Attorney General who immediately saw the ridiculousness of the situation.

Time and time again Washington State’s lawmakers and rule enforcers have proven to not have the consumer’s interest at heart but that of fear of the Federal Government and their future employment in said Government. As Washington State and Oregon go through its aches and pains of legalization, it will not be real legalization until the consumer’s interest is the goal of the boards by focusing on lab regulations which is real cannabis legalization, not a seed to sale.

The fact that there are two different requirements for medical and recreational cannabis in Washington State is ridiculous, either way, its human consumption. It’s proven people will smoke crap with things like cigarettes and cheap alcohol; people will consume products regardless of warning labels, so test every batch and let the people decide.

Let the home grower bring their product to be tested, so they can have an informed decision on the growing process as well. Presently in Washington State, only I502 market growers can check their products with the present cannabis testing facilities.

Welcome back Analytical 360, and I hope you continue to check all products the way you have been and let the customer decide on how they want to brand their cannabis.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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