#WeedLivesMatter: The Stacey Theis Story


Ignorance Is Not Bliss Nor An Excuse Anymore For All The Lives Stolen

As long as there is a drug war, there will be racial disambiguation. As long as there is racial disambiguation, justice can not exist and as long as justice can’t exist, there can be no peace.

It’s hard being a marijuana activist for so many reasons, one is the constant argument we’re in. Constantly we’re justifying to others why we do what we do, because it’s medicine, because it’s safer than alcohol and most things over the counter, because there are people in jail for something they would be considered today as a businessmen or farmer for but because of the rules of physics, they live in the wrong time and state. With each argument we have to provide examples like the endocannabinoid system for medicinal properties but when it comes to the lack of justice, there are many moments that can be brought up; but there is one in particular, one of what should be equated to murder has fueled an activist and her bus.

The Makings Of An Activist

Stacey Theis is one of the hardest working and truest activist that I know. When I first met Stacey, I thought she was just some hippie chick taking on the world by herself but then I heard her family’s story then I understood why. It seems when the government kills a loved one it holds deeper ramifications than the government denying you disability benefits. Stacey lost her Uncle and loved him dearly as a young teen, so when she lost her Uncle he left a legacy that impacted not just her but her cousin (who witnessed the thug life execution by sanctioned police due to a shitty law) but also to believers of a plant.

Her Uncle is Gary Sheperd and if you don’t know his story, just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of fateful trip that ended in the lost of a Vietnam Veteran’s life. Gary Sheperd returned from war like many did, different but it was in that war he found the thing that gave him peace and that was marijuana.

Gary Sheperd was a father, a preacher, a man of his word, not a villain. Now try wrapping that around your head as a child who remembers the helicopters hovering and the bullets firing because of 12 plants which resulted in the invasion of his home. Gary Sheperd lived in the wrong state at the wrong time while believing in the right thing while living in America. Gary Sheperd is a shining example of how anyone in America can be shot over a plant, him and Zachary Hammond, as well as all the others because but there isn’t enough time to write about all the American injustices over pot.

When people die and are incarcerated for something so stupid as chocolate that can make people intoxicated there is no time for justice but now. This is like watching a rape happen everyday and doing nothing about it. The drug war has created some of the greatest atrocities committed against its own people while we’re distracted by the bombings in other countries that should be someone else’s politics, this what people like Stacey Theis, Jacob Shepherd, Kristin Flor, Sherbear Flor, and Craig Cesal are fueled by.

Inspiration and Education: Cannasense

In 2010, Arizona legalized medical marijuana. It was in 2011 that Stacey decided to attend Oaksterdam University and it was there when she saw the memorial to her Uncle that she was inspired to devote her time and life to fight this thing called the Drug War, to fight and counter act the 100 year government propaganda that substance users, specifically cannabis are bad. It was here she decided because her Uncle died from this ignorance, he died because someone had overzealous power and a gun because he believed his life was better for the marijuana he consumed while not harming himself or others, while being an asset to his community, while being a father and loved a woman.

After graduating Valedictorian she went back to Arizona and attended her first NORML meeting. After her meeting her determination grew and wanted to include her cousin, so she went to Kentucky, back to the home where Gary Sheperd was murdered. She told her cousin about all the wonderful things in California and that his father did not die for a lost cause but in fact there was now a legitimate business model that must be seen. There was a promise that she would manage to get him to Oaksterdam but before she had a chance he showed up at her doorstep ready for a road trip.

It was in her home before the trip that Cannasense was created by her, Jake Sheperd and Rick Amdor, its goal to help unite all efforts towards the education, legalization, and medical assistance of cannabis. After Jake graduated from Oaksterdam he went back home to bring Cannasense and Freedom in Kentucky.

A Girl and Her Bus

It was in June of 2012 Stacey saw there was a group out there making the bus of her dreams so she reached out to them in hopes to help share lessons about the endocannabinoid system and how marijuana is meant for our human body.

Stacey intended to make the The Green Bus tour to legalize marijuana but before she could members of Natural Instincts were raided leaving them in financial need and putting the bus on Ebay.

With the help of some friends who sold a car there was cash in hand to buy the bus. 3 days later she attended her first event, the NORML Conference and from there plans for the bus were made- A mission, the mission to end prohibition.

She went to North Carolina picked up the bus and drove to Kentucky to pick up her cousin and his mom, Mary Jane Jones to start 14 day tour of helping others because a 28 ft. green bus with a pot leaf used for the stop sign draws attention. They arrived at Stacey’s home in Arizona on Halloween which turned into a celebration and education opportunity because many trick or treater had parents with questions about the bus.


In December 2012, The Cannabus was invited to the Emerald Cup which inspired a road trip of awareness to Willow Creek in order to support Joe Grumbine’s family while he sat behind bars for a plant. By the time the bus arrived Joe was released and they were all able to spend that Christmas together.

The following year the Cannabus was invited to attend The Mean Green Festival, here she picked up members of The Human Solution and gave them a ride to the festival while advocating along the way because a 28 ft. Green Bus draws attention. While resting at Willow Creek, Kristin Flor called and asked if they could help come support Chris Williams during his trial, hence the Journey For Justice in support of Chris Williams begun. The bus filled with The Human Solution members went and drove to give court support to Chris Williams because a 28 ft filled with people makes a statement.

On the return trip the bus stop in Seattle to drop off Kristin Flor and was pulled over in Kent, Wa for being a 28 ft. green bus with the words Marijuana Legalization on the side which can be read about here.


Besides the wonderful city of Kent, Washington the bus stopped in Tacoma, Wa. at the Sacred Plant Farmers Market where donations were raised so the bus could continue on its journey. After returning the The Human Solution Members to thier homes, the Cannabus went home before going to Denver for the 420 Rally.

Upon returning home in Arizona the bus was to be re-visioned, no longer will it look like the plain Green Tour Bus with the words “For Marijuana Legalization Tour” on its side but it was to be decorated by artist, patients, and other activist alike. Artist Linzy Miggantz and Brandon Rediger created murals on the door side while spray paint artist worked on the driver side, the bus now looks how it feels, the embodiment of the civil rights activist of the past. The bus’s mission to help real cannabis freedom efforts and organizations along its Journey for Justice For All.

The Green Bus Tour For Cannabis Freedom

April 17th, 2013 was the kick off for The Cannabis Freedom tour ending in Kentucky, to return her cousin and Aunt home. Starting in Arizona Stacey and her crew headed out to Denver for the 420 Rally and then the High Times Cannabis Cup in Colorado. From there they headed to Kansas thru Oklahoma and then on to Texas. Being so big Texas has many groups that helped support the tour, groups like DFW NORML, Women’s NORML Alliance, Texas NORML, and other individual advocates that helped fund the bus’s tour through Texas. After Texas they went to Atlanta for the Great Atlanta Pot Festival hosted by Paul Cornwell. The Great Atlanta Pot Festival was definitely one of her highlights as she spoke along personal heroes like Elvy Musika, Vivian McPeak, Ed Rosenthal, Paul Cornwell, and her cousin.

From Atlanta Stacey had to take over the sole driving of the bus because her aunt and cousin needed to go back due to Mary Jane’s mom’s health. She drove to Nashville and from there went to the Indianapolis 500 for an event hosted for The Cannabus by High On The Hill Smokeshop located near the Indianapolis 500 track.While there Kari Boiter reached out to Stacey, to see if she and the bus would come to Detroit to be part of a press conference for Jerry Duvall and all the other victims from a string of raids in the area. While in Michigan Stacey tells me there is a strong cannabis community there and that is where she fell in love with the Duvall family, kind people facing horrible times.

After Michigan the Cannabus was Chicago bound but it was here that Stacey started to learn the trials and tribulations of owning a 1988 GMC bus; while in route the drive shaft dropped which also caused damage to the under carriage. Stacey being a strong believer in the ebb and flow of the universe and magic decided to stay in Chicago and save money for the bus’s next chapter.

The bus was stuck in Illinois for the entire month of June until a friend from AZ and a mechanic from Michigan came to help the bus. Once repaired the bus went back on its tour of truth; from Michigan to Kentucky where the bus was sabotaged in the same area where her Uncle was murdered. The bus was stranded in Kentucky but Stacey pressed on with her mission while seeking funds for the repair, she traveled back to Michigan, Ohio, and then Kentucky, along the way providing court support and cannabis education where it allowed.

More Heart Than An Octopus

In 2014 the bus was back up and this year it was to start it’s adventures in Michigan at Hash Bash in unity with The Human Solution Members of the area to raise awareness and provide court support because a 48 ft green bus draws attention; Unfortunately for Stacey the bus broke down 6 hours, after eventually making it to Hash Bash and getting back on the road the bus died again in the Detroit. Relentless and optimistic, Stacey worked with local community members to raise the funds for repairs, the Cannabus was back on the road to the High Times Cup in Clio, Michigan.

After the Cup, Stacey stayed in the area and did as many court supports that she could and worked while saving for plans to return to Arizona. While working and saving she got a call from Ashley Delisi, asking for support for her dad, Richard Delisi in Bartow, Fl., the support was in regards to a judge rehearing the case upon an appeal of leniency. Richard Delisi is serving a sentence of three consecutive 30 years (a total of 90 years) for being involved with marijuana, something he would just be considered just a businessman today for in the right state. Stacey had no problems altering her plans and the Journey For Justice For Ashley and Richard Delisi began. Unfortunately his early release was denied, even though he’s just an aging elderly man who has already been behind bars for too long over a plant.

After supporting Richard Delisi, the bus embarked on going to Kentucky but broke down before it could and sat at a Circle K due to the air compressor blowing and breaking a chunk of the engine off. Minor repairs were made and repairs lasted as long as it took to get to Ashley Delisi’s home in Kentucky where it sat waiting for it’s next mission.

In April of 2015, Stacey headed back to Kentucky with a mechanic to get the bus up and running enough to return her Arizona. On the return trip the Cannabus was invited again back to the 4/20 Denver rally which she did in conjunction with the local Human Solution Chapter. The bus broke down at Coors Stadium after the rally and had to sit while Stacey tried to figure out what to do. While in Denver, her rental car was stolen along with all her clothes and Cannasense materials, she was more determined than ever to get back on the road with the bus.

The minor bus repairs in Denver lasted until 42 miles from the Arizona State line, the bus was stuck in New Mexico. Stacey had to leave the bus behind while her brother-in-law, who’s a master mechanic and another mechanic came brought the bus back to Phoenix where it could get worked on more thoroughly. They worked every weekend around her brother-in-law’s schedule rebuilding the bus. She was back up and running on March, 2016.

After the bus’s resurrection the plans were to focus on local efforts in Arizona, to support the legalization petitions sponsored by Safer Arizona and AZFMR. Unfortunately there was foul play on the part of AZFMR which in turn led to threats and the bus’s brake lines cut due to the support of the Safer Arizona initiative.

Instead of cowering to threats Stacey proceeded to hold the First Annual Gary and Jack’s Birthday bash, Gary Sheperd and Jack Herer share the same birthday. After the bash Stacey has gone to Kentucky to pick up Jacob Sheperd to help promote peace and justice throughout the United States.

Presently Stacey and her magical Cannabus are making plans to drive to Kansas to support Shona Banda and her fight to get her children back from government kidnapping over cannabis and from there she plans on driving to North Dakota to support the DAPL because even though it’s not cannabis related it is related to justice and nothing like a 48 ft green bus with murals and a pot leaf for a stop sign to help gain attention to a cause.

Stacey and the Cannabus need your help, whether you’re reading this before the Journey For Justice For Shona Banda or reading this after the DAPL, Stacey continues to drive for justice and education, I urge you to visit their GoFundMe and if you can’t make a donation, please share it so someone who can might see it. Stacey Theis and her magical bus are on a mission to end prohibition by raising awareness about the plant and the injustices that many have received due to the misguided drug war. We here at Weednews.co wish Stacey the best of luck on her mission, as we all believe no one should be in jail for a plant.

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