Weedligion: My Beliefs and Jack Herer’s Never Published Perspective

Weed and religion


Why can’t there be a faith where people accept a plant as a gift from something bigger, God/ Allah/ Jehovah/ Yeaowah/ etc. If things like Scientology, Mormonism, Christianity, Muslim, or even Catholic, why not blind faith and acceptance for a plant. What we have now as justice should be considered wrong by your beliefs, isn’t the purpose of faith fairness and good for all? How I see it; I’m just a disciple it’s the past preachers who make saints. People like Lowell Eggemeier, Peter Tosh and Jack Herer would be saints.

Everyone is aware of Jack Herer and his amazing efforts to change the cannabis conversation through, speeches, adding Hemp For Victory to the Congressional Archives, and his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes but did you know he wrote one looking at cannabis and religion?

The following is a communication I had with Jack Herer’s last legal caregiver (Joy Graves) and Jack Herer’s unpublished outlook on religion;

Joy Maxine Hawkeye Graves I wish he were here to sign it for you but Know he would Love that you have it and that your Interested in it… and too that he would be Appreciative of your having had my back with the court case and mostly, for being the pure heart toward the liberation of cannabis!

As I had said, I put this into the book of his life and murder that I self-published. I am happy to send that to you too if you like, can do it by email, just Know that it’s not to the standard that I want for it to be, just that he put this church stuff ahead of my getting it finished. I was seeking an illustrator that can do like caricatures.

So anyway, there is a colour code for the text that you should be able to figure out upon reviewing it – different colour texts for different contributors. The co-author has passed on, and despite Jack’s wish, his name is left on it as this is exactly how it was when he gave it to me. It’s not my or anyone else’s place to attempt to change, fix, finish or anything else to it but Jack’s alone. He ain’t here to do it, so it remains how it was handed to me with my instruction to Share it “with my people” – he meant true hearts when he would say that. Often he would say “not my Legal family, my Real family” referencing to the cannabis community “True Hearts”, not canna-business wolves either!

Far as when it is printed, he would tell you to “Don’t start at the beginning of this book, it’s not put together right”, and he would lead you a small chunk of pages in and say “Start Here”. I personally haven’t ever compared the printed version upside the computer screen to see but thought I would say what he said to those of us he gave hard copies too.

When he had copies in Seattle, there was a big fat bound “book”, two smaller ones bound as one, he wasn’t happy with them coming to him that way but he was more concerned with getting it out as he was confident “my time to get it out is running out”.

The “editor” is a published author and is focal on the mushrooms not so much cannabis. He has written books of his own, and to is working with the kids of others who are renown and published on this aspect. He does have a copy of this disc too as he made and gave it to Jack who in turn brought and gave it to me “in case”. The guy as well as others had gained access to it and said they were gonna “finish and publish it” but legally when Mark addressed it to the court and the judge said it’s mine, far as I know no one has other than my self-publishing release.

Just keep in mind, it’s not complete nor done, and two, that there were many who didn’t want this to ever reach the light of anyone’s day. They felt it makes him sound “crazy” and feared it would “hinder sales of the emperor”… but Jack said this was more important for people to know and have than the emperor book, and to me, that speaks volumes in itself as he was Hella Wise and prophetic~ My promises to him remains my drive.

Below are two links to Jack’s work in all their mid editing glory, hopefully, you will find some of his research and insight as thought-provoking as I did.

Jack Herer and James Arthur: “The Most High” Google Doc Version

Downloadable PDF Version

One more fact about Jack: Jack wasn’t a fan of his own strain, he preferred Indicas.

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