Weed Is Addictive: Makes You Want To Constantly Fight B.S

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Do Something

You don’t have to join NORML or any other cannabis legalization organization, but you need to do something. It takes all types, and that includes you, cause this is America and if you’re not, pray for us. Americans like to think they’re better than everyone else but we can’t even get our shit together on an issue that now affects all its citizens, not just the darkies it was initially meant to curtail.

As one grows, so does their conversation. Do something doesn’t just casually mentioning it to friends over coffee, it means actively trying to change the overall discussion, don’t let prohibition trolls win with misinformation.

It’s more than just saying legalize it, you have to change minds and hear what the other side has to say, but in the end, it’s about my freedom and freedom of choice. As an American, I should be as free in Oklahoma as I am in Seattle, Wa.

One thing I learned in the Navy has been lead by example; I don’t just talk shit, I do shit and let me give you an example. This upcoming Seattle Hempfest, a friend of mine Kristin Flor, whose father died behind bars due to the present marijuana laws, reached out and asked if anybody would like to volunteer for an impromptu booth raising awareness for pot prisoners or as we call them, p.o.ws.

Kristin started an informal group called V.O.W (Voices Of The Cannabis War), where she hopes everyone would vow to support the prisoners and fight the war on us. She reached to Hempfest, and they’ve given us a booth to spread awareness on a small snippet of the victims of the ongoing war on freedom. If anything, we give hope to those behind bars and hope is a weapon against prohibition.

If you can’t make it to Seattle Hempfest, here are the seven prisoners we’ll be talking about;

Craig Cesal is a father who has been serving life behind bars for the conspiracy of selling marijuana, but he was just the mechanic.

Michael Pelletier is a lifetime paraplegic serving life without parole for well you guessed it, selling pot. He’s an accomplished prison artist if you would like to see his works or commision him you can go here.


Luke Scarmazzo another father and contributing family member has served 10 of a 21.8-year sentence for running a dispensary and brazenly telling the government to fuck off with his video and hot track Business Man.

Corvain Cooper is another father and pot lifer, yes that’s what I said, serving life for pot. With clemency requests in motion, we aim to get letters signed for Corvain and the rest of the lifers, a plea for their freedom.

Barbara Tillis holds on to a picture of her son, Corvain Cooper, in her Rialto, California home on November 1, 2016.
Cooper, who is serving life in prison without parole for crimes related to marijuana, could potentially have his sentence shortened and get out in just a few years if California Proposition 64 passes.
Cooper is currently at United States Penitentiary, Atwater in Northern California.
(Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Jimmy Romans, a sister, fights for Jimmy on the outside. The good news about Jimmy is he had his life sentence commuted to 30 years. What a lucky guy right, I mean it went from death sentence to old man sentence.

Next up to bat is Lance Gloor. This one I got to witness first hand. Part of the reason the bad guys get away with shit is there’s no unity amongst the people who claim to support justice in the name of the plant or Americans. I witnessed as the prosecutor zealously went after someone he knew was conducting business for the same thing that was down the street from the courtroom. Besides the misguided justice that waste resources there was the community itself. People were reaching out to me not to support him because he’s a bad guy, but-but-but it was a pot case.

I told myself as soon as something else besides cannabis was being used as evidence, I was out of there, but you know what, I stayed the entire time and had even attended one of his appeals hearings because all the evidence presented against him can be found in pot shops across present-day Washington State.

Thomas Landreth is a three-time loser that was trying his best when he was arrested and sentenced to 20 years for 3.5 grams of cannabis. He was making all the right moves thanks to marijuana, using it to treat his addiction. He was making the right moves because right now his daughter fights for his freedom.

Thomas Landreth

Finally John Knock. John’s sister has been fighting for his freedom the day of his sentence to life for pot. Not only was has he been sentenced to life but he was given two life sentences. I know weed heals but how do you serve two life sentences?

The government paints men and women like these as masterminds and gangsters, but in present-day Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Oklahoma, and Washington D.C, they would have just been businessmen.

Not everyone can write a blog, go to marches, or attend a protest but everyone can do something for someone else. Look out there, besides planting seeds of freedom, besides trying to overgrow the government, plant seeds of hope, do something. The more that do, the faster we can get on with the real business of justice.

Rules of Engagement

Don’t be a dick and if you are, focus it on the people willing to put you behind bars or take all your hard earned belongings in the name of reefer sadness. Know your rights and do your part to get involved in local legislation, the more responsible citizens speak up against prohibiti0n the faster we can travel without being considered criminals.

If you like freedom, if you want freedom, you don’t have to join an organization, but you do have to do something. Find yourself attending Seattle Hempfest 2018 stop by booth 491 and sign a Clemency letter in support of these guys. In the end, I just urge you to do something. If we cared about Justice as much as we do Football and Game of Thrones, men and women wouldn’t have to fear for their lives simply for their safer choice of lifestyle. You wouldn’t stand by and let a sexual assault just happen? Well, that happens every day by our justice system as long as we fear the ones that are supposed to protect us.

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