Watch Your Marijuana Buds Grow Bigger And Bigger

Freedom Fighter Farms cannabis buds.

Yes, that is indeed a possibility. Your marijuana buds can grow to the most amazing sizes if you pay attention to a certain few things. Obviously, you will have to take steps right from the start and ensure a few essentials are in place. That being done, your buds will grow bigger and bigger day by day!

Balance the nutrients

Every plant needs a variety of nutrients to grow at a healthy pace. Their needs may change at every particular stage, but in general, 10% of nitrogen and potassium each along with 30% phosphorus are mandatory requirements. If the buds are about to flower, you might want to up the potassium content in the mixture.


Maintain healthy pH levels

pH is important for your marijuana plants so that they can absorb all essential nutrients from the soil in required quantities. This will only be so when the soil is constantly maintained at an appropriate pH level. Not abiding by this can cause your plants to become toxic or suffer from nutrient deficiency.


Provide enough lighting early on and reduce it later in the growth cycle

Lighting has a significant effect on the bud size. Your buds will be bigger if you can provide light in greater quantities. Thought too much of it can have a negative effect, it is usually not witnessed since marijuana plants can bear a significant amount of exposure before deteriorating.

Watch out your plants closely. If they seem to be stretching out to get light, it means you need to increase the intensity or move the light source closer to the plant. Though any light source can be used, we feel that HPS lamps work the best of all. When your plants are in the vegetation phase, you should provide 400 Watts of light to every patch of 13 square feet. Once they enter the flowering phase, increase the power to 600 watts for the same area size.


Ensure ample quantities of carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is fundamental for all plants, not just marijuana. Just like light, you should ensure that your plants are getting carbon dioxide in significant quantities especially if they are in the flowering phase.

Keep in mind that greater levels of carbon dioxide also allow your plants to withstand more intense light. Thus, you should be increasing the two in parallel.


Maintain temperature between appropriate ranges

The most appropriate temperature range for marijuana plants is between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit during the day time and between 59 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit when it is night. Once plants are older, temperatures can be increased to 82 degrees.


Keep humidity to around 65% and then gradually decrease it

When your marijuana plants are in the flowering phases, humidity should be maintained at 65% in the first week. Gradually decrease it as time progresses such that it is at 40% during the ninth week.


Now try out our tips and enjoy bigger buds and tastier marijuana!

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