Waste Not Want Not: The Dangers Of Marijuana


As the world slowly wakes from its political nightmare and realizes cannabis is not the drug they were taught in school, they are also going to want to be able to ease their minds with cannabis, as we watch our new President Tweet us into WW3 which means the future only holds more consumers of cannabis, not less.

Just a Dab’ll Do Ya’

One of the newest (like within this decade) ways of consumption is called dabbing. Personally, as a seasoned cannabis consumer it took me a year to warm up to the thought of trying this method for several reasons 1) It looks “cracky” and with terminology like “torch” and “nail” the image is dicier than it really is. Dabs are no different than hash that has been produced for thousands of years already, which leads me to my next reason of why it didn’t appeal to me right away, I was ignorant in the manufacturing process. 2) What is that stuff? When one hears chemical words like butane, glycerol, CO2 and other solvents. Images of breaking bad enter the mind, but this is not the case. The extraction process can involve simple tools such as bubble bags, ice, and a bucket but it can also be dangerous, involving compressed gases, heat, pressure, and in some cases a burn off, but unlike breaking bad where a toxic substance is the product, one is left with organic plant by-product when done right.

The dab is simply the smokable by-product from a plant was extracted and a high heat element to create the vapor cloud which is unlike organic matter smoke. Each hit is of course of a higher potency than just smoking organic plant, this is necessary for some to treat their conditions and for others just to achieve a certain feeling because it requires less to do more. The product used to dab can be known as wax, shatter, rosin, there are other ones, all like hash that has been known to man since 10,000 BC..

The dab is nothing new, and as more people understand this, the more that will try and do this. In Washington, when medical marijuana and a free market was the law of the land there were dab bars and some dispensaries provided the needed supplies to take a dab, this to me was a novelty at the time. Rigs and concentrates are expensive, so I never got into personal dabbing until Washington closed all the shops and this forced me to provide for my own means.

Two years into regulation and my wife finally becomes a fan of dabbing, thanks to my daughter. It was on my second purchase of 1 lb propane tank that it occurred to me, we have a problem.

Recycling Is Just The Right Thing To Do

The Northwest has long had a camping culture, it’s no mystery why REI and North Face are based out of here, so things like the 1 lb propane are common in households here, but now with the rise of the dab many more households will consume and discard them.

I can only imagine that within the past 5 years the sales of the Coleman Propane Cylinders probably have increased 10 fold. Now I know the good folks at Coleman or even Worthington Industries have never really considered why or if they did find out would they care? Because in the end, it’s all about the bottom line in most of Corporate America.

I reached out to Coleman to find out the sales trend within the past 6 years, because that would reflect when Washington State had Dab bars and dabbing became a thing, but I was directed to Worthington Industries because Coleman no longer deals with the manufacturing and sales. I reached out to Worthington and this was their reply

Sales and recycle info: Good Morning:

Thank you for your email!

While we cannot divulge sales statistics, I can tell you that the Coleman cylinders are recyclable—if your community has a recycler which will accept them.  Many do not, as is their right, since the product which filled the containers is flammable.

Worthington recommends that you contact your locality’s Solid Waste Authority to see about finding recyclers near you.  If there are none, the tanks can be bagged and included in your normal trash.

Best Regards,


This response and secrecy is the same corporate bullshit that is killing our planet. I’m not asking for your secret sauce, just how much have the sales increased in the past 6 years and if they have a recycling program because this is going to be a problem.

Excess Packaging Requirements

Protective packaging is to save the children I believe but it’s really excessive material surrounding a plant grown from the ground. I do like some of the biodegradable items being used like the nitrogen sealed, snuff looking cans by Willie’s Reserve but there is a lot of petroleum based products being used as containers for small amounts bought at high frequency.

Ideally, I believe hemp packaging can replace the petroleum based stuff, but this is idealistic because it would require investors and time in an industry that is still considered to be of ill repute.

In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away as a Small Time Hustler

As an underground consumer I never thought about the environmental implications of my purchase, mostly because it mostly came in a zip locked bag but now the country is quickly waking up and with that comes waste.

The Washington State farmer’s market mentality from 1998 to 2014 was the most responsible aspect because it induced the least waste, but unfortunately it is not viewed well upon by people in charge, so we must make do with what we got and ask “Where does the trash go?”.

A cannabis consumer just wants is to be a good citizen and as laws change state by state and common sense takes hold we need to look at what being a good citizen means. If you’re in the industry I ask that you consider your options and as a consumer try and throw things where they belong.

The only way marijuana is dangerous to any community is by not taking out the trash properly. Like any industry, there is waste and its up to us the responsible consumer to be a responsible citizen.

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