Washington State’s Painful Legalization

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Things like the Seattle Cannabis March and Seattle Hempfest are more relevant than ever, even though they occur in a “legal” state. As long as people sit behind bars, have their children taken away, or not having a holistic choice for treatment, all marches and festivals in honour of cannabis are essential.

It’s more than a photo op, it’s an allegory to Americans from the north to south, from east to west, people will tell the tale of thousands gathering and smoking peacefully while the police looked for real crime and the world was better for it, that day.

On February 5th, I will be attending Lance Gloor’s hearing in the court of appeals. After serving two years out of a 10-year sentence in Federal prison for conducting business the same way hundreds of others were at the time. Since he was within the State guidelines, there was no way local authorities could prosecute, so evidence gathered from his dispensaries and garden were handed to the Fed, who were obligated to prosecute with glee.

Lance’s trial is an example of the mixed bag of shit that is presently legalization in Washington State. A man serves time because he didn’t want to pay to play in a county where the law wants a piece of the pie. His incarceration shows that laws can be bought which means justice is for sale, this is not the America I was taught, this is not the America I want.

On February 5th I will be attending a chapter in a man’s life serving time for a plant and hopefully, a chapter closing on the continuing miscarriages of justice in the Broken States of America.

Lance’s imprisonment is a fine example as to why the homegrow issue is so important. If there’s no law allowing it then you have created an unnecessary criminal, common sense needs to prevail for America’s sake, for Christ’s sake!

Washington State is a great State that can stand up to the Fed for immigration human rights, net neutrality, and other things that treat as others as human beings, so to say they fear the Fed is pure bullshit. This rhetoric is coming from politicians who are supposed to stand for us and the board that is supposed to look out for the citizen and consumer.

Before I end this article, I would like to point out that there have been no homegrow arrests since the beginning of I502. I say this because there are homegrows out there, just people who want to have a choice for personal consumption but as of right now they are the enemy to people with money, and this is something I will never understand. An open and fair market is good for all, we witnessed this during the medical days, so present-day recreational should be no different. There was no zombie apocalypse when there were homegrows and dab bars, just safer citizens.

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