Washington State’s Drunk Legalization: The Raid On Medical

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In 1 week, I attended a successful cannabis industry convention focused on a thriving regulated recreational industry to visiting a medical market after it was raided in Washington State. I’ll cover more on the convention known as Cannacon in another article, but for this one I have to focus on the most critical issue, Washington State citizens who have been subjected to asset forfeiture and humiliation by the State.

Many activists argue that any form of legalisation in a state is good legalisation because its a piece of a greater puzzle but honestly I was against I502. I was against it for the market and lottery it created; I was against because one could see right away invested interests were to take over, not the benefit of the consumer or even the average resident of Washington State.

As much as I did not like I502, it’s what we have, and it’s not horrible. It’s given employees of both the grows and pot shops worker’s rights, something they didn’t have before. On the reverse though, it has done a lot of damage. Damage to those that took a stance in the beginning and made it so one needs sizeable financial backing even before they can even think of playing. They dissected with arbitrary rules of a registry what was medical in Washington State. They also limited the people who could give you a prescription by restricting holistic practitioners, medical was meant to die, but it hasn’t and won’t. Marijuana has and will always be a medicine.

Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington State, just don’t be a patient.

Please Help

On February 18 at around 12:30 there was a Facebook post, a plea for help by Jay McNeal. After his request for help came the video on Facebook. A video of an officer obstructing Jay of his civil liberty of recording a moment for his protection. I would like to ask though, why was the only person initially in handcuffs black? Washington State is not free of racism and by these recent actions, reefer madness is drunk with profit from the recreational market.

Posted by Jay McNeal on Monday, February 19, 2018


Washington State’s legalisation structure did a two-fold, it crushed the mom and pops who stood up before, and they made it, so the industry is not accessible to a commoner, but instead one needs wealth before you even have a chance. Through a coordinated effort, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB), politicians, and local media like The Seattle Times have created Reefer Madness 2.0, a mentality where only a corporation can have nice things as a result of legalisation. Reefer Madness 2.0 is when people refer to people who call cannabis medicine, who grow it as medicine, who choose to be a part of this plant holistically, are called black market. A garden isn’t black market. A collective isn’t black market. Someone who grows enough extra to sell enough to pay their bills isn’t black market.

If you’re reading this or know me, I’m not here to solely preach about regulation and taxation, though that has proven to work in multiple states, my end game here is Let my people grow, leave us the fuck alone, cannabis-related issues are not a crime. The people of Washington were sold on the social justice aspect of legalisation, something that should have happened automatically but we’re still sorting it out.

As long as asset forfeiture can occur without a trial against an individual citizen, marijuana is not legal in Washington State. As long as I’m considered a criminal by my state for growing a plant, marijuana is not legal.

I was asked by a reporter for Komo4 what I thought this meant? I had two replies; This is shots fired from the WSLCB to all the medical practitioners, also that the WSLCB has taken inventory from what they consider the competition. What I wanted to say was “This shit is completely fucked up”, but that would never get airplay.

Some WSLCB members have referred to medical marijuana as a source of diversion when in reality it’s only a diversion of profits for the WSLCB. These markets are patients helping patients at a time when the legislators have turned their backs on their constituents due to deeper pockets.

According to a statement from PCE on Facebook, the raid was a result of someone telling the police narcotics were being manufactured there; This was what the police said to the representatives of the market but seems fishy since the head of the taskforce was the WSLCB according to local news agencies.

How do multiple agencies raid a market that has been public before I502? So public that they have a Facebook page with scheduled hours. Why did they choose now to raid one of the oldest medical marijuana markets in Washington State when one recently opened down the street?

Besides the PTSD that has occurred to both the patients and the vendors, people in power ruined incomes by seizing assets. People will now have to figure how to pay their next bill or where to get their future affordable medicine, this was a travesty that is a result of an incomplete law, and the lawmakers are not in a rush to fix it, as long as lobbyist keep them fed.

As of this write, there are no court dates, no one behind bars (except those with warrants), and nothing returned.

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