Washington State Legislators Need To Treat Washington State Cannabis Consumers As Adults; Legalize Homegrows

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Washington State LegalizationWashington State Cannabis Consumers Lose To Lackluster Politicians, Again

It is no surprise to Washingon State cannabis patients and activists that there was a conspiracy to kill medical marijuana in Washington State but let me briefly gloss over our sordid history and help layout why we don’t have homegrows and why our politicians can be just as sleazy as the ones in Georgia who commit voter suppression.

When the I502 petitions came out mostly everyone (those eager for legalization, this was the third attempt, the first two were grassroots) jumped on board, many across the State like myself signed the petition thinking it’s time to open the process that existed to everyone, but this wasn’t the case. There were many flaws in the law including an arbitrary five ng DUI portion, the noninclusion of homegrows and my biggest pet peeve was putting an agriculture product in control of a board that had no understanding of the plant.

As mentioned before, this was the third bill created for legalization but the first to reach the people for a vote. The census agrees that the previous failings were due to a lack of funding, I502 had funding plus PBS travel celebrity, Rick Steves. I502 funding was immense, and from in and out of state, there was a mission to pass some form of legalization, with people saying we can fix the broken parts later.

Once I502 passed, little changed in the State as far as the infrastructure of cannabis for the consumer just the additional recreational shops reaping in the recreational dollar.

One of the flaws of medical was the lack of anything seeming like regulation. Some growers had the product tested, others ran the store product was sold through, so the budtenders usually could tell you with confidence how the product was grown. Eventually, participants of the I502 experiment grew tired of the medical competition, felt chided because they had to pay taxes, and medical did not, so they came up with SB5052 and called it the Patient’s Protection Act, but it actually put it actually put restrictions to medical which led to the present state of its downsizing.

In both cases concerning Washington State’s cannabis policy, big money has been the deciding factor. With I502, it was out of State investors and the local ACLU. With SB5052, it was the I502 stakeholders that felt medical a threat. This can be seen in a document written by the Department of Health (ironic isn’t it) and a step by step goal to eradicate the existence of medical marijuana in Washington State.

WA Dept of Health MMJ Workg… by on Scribd

Why Homegrows or Better yet, Why No Homegrows?

Homegrow legalization is one of the nails in prohibition’s coffin. When one thinks of the legalization of a plant, one thinks of being able to order seeds on Amazon just like with tobacco, peanuts, or Morning Glory seeds, plants that have killed. It is my fundamental God-given right to plant a seed.

Lower level politicians are presently stalling the effort to make homegrows legal in Washington State, its just disconcerting when at the same time when our Governor, the head honcho proclaims on a national platform that he can grow legally. Governor Inslee, you don’t even know the law in your State nor do you understand the average cannabis consumer is losing with the present structure of I502. Politicians have it easy, let the people vote on something and go with the majority rule, and that has been part of America’s issue. When is a policy the will of the people vs. The will of the political savvy with a personal opinion. Governor Jay Inslee Is not a cannabis hero even with his recent State pardons. Governor, if you want to stand for something stand for your citizens like Lance Gloor.

The Senate and The House Have To Agree

The Homegrow effort is a grassroots effort, and I fear politicians will stall as long as they can until something is in it for them. What does my personal grow have to do with the Gaming and Commerce Committee? The irony here is that it’s the Democratic Social Justice party that holds up this bill for the people by the people. How can it be wrong to put something on the books that will protect the private citizen, the Washington State citizen?

Presently HB1131 is stalled and here’s why according to a Facebook post by cannabis activist Don Skakie

The Home Grow Bill in the House HB1131, is apparently stalled by Gaming and Commerce Committee Chair Derek Stanford. I talked to him right after he came out of a meeting with LCB’s Rick Garza and he said he was reluctant to give the Bill a vote in Executive session because lack of Home Grow is a “small help” in keeping the Feds at bay. Straight out of the LCB! He also said “Leadership” doesn’t want any expansion of alcohol or marijuana this session.

If you’ve got time for FB, perhaps you could support Home Grow by emailing him asking to schedule Executive session on HB 1131.


Then follow up with a phone call Monday and ask the Legislative assistant to bring it to his attention. 360-786-7928

This is the second year the Democratic Party has stalled progress in Washington State, all I can say to this is their lack of standing for the greater good is why we have Trump and not Bernie.

Medical Marijuana Gets A Bad Rap

Stalled reefer madness politics and lack of incentive for the politician isn’t the only reason why we don’t have homegrows. One of the arguments to kill the medical marijuana market in Washington State was, “That’s not medicine.” Yes, there were parties, but it was also what an idea free capitalist market is, quality prevailed because everyone had a chance to plant a seed.

During the arguments of implementing SB5052, in Olympia, a Representative used the YouTube videos of CustomGrow420 as a proclamation that the existing state of cannabis retail in Washington State was not medicine. In response to this, I would like to say Farmer’s Markets are medicine. Things grown by the small farmer are more likely better for you then the mass produced Walmart produce.

Cannabilism, People Who Don’t Support Homegrows or Other Cannapentrnures

One last component of those that stand against homegrow rights is some of those invested in it as a business. It’s hard to respect these people, people who feel they are special and deserve the sole right to grow a plant, the Monsantos of weed. Besides their fear of competition, they fear of poking the Federal bear, but I have to say, anyone involved with cannabis already is, so why be soft now?

Talk About Homegrow Rights, Make This Something The Legislature Should Care About

As long as Washington State legislators use reefer madness and keeping the Fed at bay as an excuse, they will continue to fail the cannabis consumer and Washington State citizens who have suffered for legalization, citizens like Lance Gloor serving his third year of a ten-year sentence. If you’re a Washington State citizen, call your legislator and let them know this is something you want. The chance to grow a plant.

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