Washington State Homegrow Action Alert


I received this email from activist Don Skakie, who is one of the many behind the upcoming 2019 attempt for Washington State’s Homegrow fight.

Hi, Home Grow people!


We are ready to ask our Legislators for their sponsorship on the Home Grow bill for the 2019 Legislature.

We need your legislative district number.  Some of you have let us know what yours is.  Some of you have not.  This is very important.  This will help us plan to make contact by knowing which of you are constituents of senators and representatives that we must contact.

Some legislators will only take meetings with constituents. That is why this matters so much.

If we need you to get a meeting, fear not! Once you get a meeting appointment, we can plan to join you there and make the pitch for sponsorship. There’s no need to be nervous as we will do the presentation and make the ask for sponsorship. We will also coach and prepare you for that meeting.

If you are having difficulty getting a meeting in the first place, we can help you with that too.

Right now, we are most focused on the legislators in these two links.
If any of these legislators represent you, contact us now !



Please also bcc us when you send them an email. Remember to cc the electeds Legislative Assistant and follow up the next day to be sure they saw it. When the time comes, if you are unsure how to write an email asking for an appointment, let us know.

Here is the tool to find your District. It will also inform you who your legislators are.


The eastern Washington meetings are scheduled this weekend.

Here is the Facebook Link to the Wenatchee meeting on this Saturday, November 3, 2018, @ 3 pm:


and here is the link to the Spokane meeting this Sunday, November 4, 2018, at 12 noon.


Please invite your friends in those areas by clicking the share button on the events pages. There will be an option to invite friends. You can find your friends in those areas using the Facebook search bar. Simply type in “my friends in Wenatchee” or “my friends in Spokane,” and the list should pop up. Then you just click on the friends that you think would be interested and they will receive an invitation.

Please also share these links on your social media.

Upcoming meetings in Vancouver Washington and South King County will be announced soon.

More information on preparing for meetings, emails to legislators and testifying in committee hearings will be coming in the two months ahead.

Thank you again for your support and bringing home growing to Washington State, the only legal state that does not have home growing.  We should have the best “legalization”, not the lamest.


Don Skakie.

If you would like to be in the loop on what you can do for the future, email the guys at homegrowwashington@gmail.com. 2019 is the year for the Washington State cannabis consumer.

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