Washington State Homegrow 2019 Stalemate

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As Washington State thaws outs and recoups from its recent snowmageddon, I would like to remind Washington State citizens that we only have until February 22 for a chance at 2019 homegrow legislation. Both Bills, HB 1131 and SB 5155 are active through this Friday until 5 pm. If they are not acted upon by this time, they will become inactive until the start of the 2020 legislative session at which point they reactivate at their current status of being held up by the Gaming and Commerce Committee (Get your shit together Dems).

Washington State Legalization

Check out this amazing debate about Washington State Homegrows on Seattle’s City Inside/Out. I think John Kingsbury did amazing with his counterpoints of a complaint based law enforcement is the way to enforce the law just like Washington State’s homebrew. The counter argument to homegrow has been how do we enforce homegrow? But how do enforce it now really is the question. Washington State’s law enforcement and legislators need to stand for the people and not keep continually search for the boogeyman, especially for a plant that has never killed anyone.

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