Washington State Festivals For 2019

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Festival season is upon us. A time to celebrate life through music, food, and cannabis in some of the best weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Cannabis Festivals are an excellent way to snub prohibition by volunteering or by attending.

First up, Seattle Hempfest.

Seattle Hempfest 2019

Seattle Hempfest, The Freedom Of Speech Protestival

I’m never for a loss of words for how awesome Seattle Hempfest is and this year is more important than ever as the regulating agency for Washington State’s liquor and cannabis attempts to limits signs for cannabis companies. Why does the WSLCB (Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board) wish to limit the ability of the cannabis producer to spread their brand while during the same year, there are things like Bourbon and Bacon Fest?

Seattle Hempfest presently has a lawsuit against the board requesting they stand down from not allowing cannabis signage as they have for the past 27 years, this year being Seattle Hempfest’s 28th year. In an article in the Cannabis Observer, it is suggested that the WSLCB will stand down, as board members make excuses of decisions being made in their name without them being present (sneezes bullshit), for this, we will have to wait and see.

Every year some sort of negativity looms around Seattle Hempfest from locals who do and don’t consume cannabis, and I get it. Weed is “legal,” and we’re tired of making a stance, but you know who can’t, the State of Alabama and those serving defacto life/death sentences for pot.

Seattle Hempfest is an example of how we can live in a world where cannabis consumption and police priorities can live as one, where smell is not a crime.

I have seen politics and visceral geared towards Seattle’s Hempfest, and this is why it’s still important and relevant. People see Seattle Hempfest as a cash cow, and it’s not. It’s a volunteered based non-profit organization that needs your help every year until every last person is out from behind bars. This year’s theme is Bring Them Home.

Bellingham Budfest 2019

Bellingham Bud Fest: The New Kid On The Block

Bellingham Budfest is sure to be a staple on any cannabis connoisseur’s bucket list. An event that is partly sponsored by the Whatcom County Tourism, yes a city-ordained organization is hosting a Fest in honor of the world’s most misunderstood plant.

Visit scenic north Washington on July 14th for music, education, vendor booths, and much more while surrounded by other peace-loving lovers of cannabis. A day of celebration and education in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.

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