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Self-sufficiency is the end game. Grow what you consume. The less we depend on others for our wellbeing, the better. It begins with recognizing things counter to good health. Irresponsibly produced cannabis is a threat to everyone. When syndicate growers know they can get away with taking shortcuts they use products in the grow that are bad for us. The State [Washington State] has admitted they cannot test all of the product that is on the shelves in their stores. At the end of September, the only lab that can test for heavy metals is choosing not to test the syndicate’s product anymore. This leaves Medical Patients in a bad spot.

Growing at home has been opposed by the Recreational Syndicate [WSLCB] since they grabbed our medical market and forced us to suffer their excuse for safe medicine, making it a toy for the general population. Medical Patients are allowed to grow a garden at home if for nothing else as peace of mind. The allowable plant count is 4 unless you give up your right to privacy and register with the state like a common criminal. Once registered a medical grower can have up to 15 plants. Growing 15 outdoors will most likely have you over your allowable possession limit by several pounds at harvest. Grow 15 indoors and your power bill will be as much as rent. The answer here is let citizens be free to be well, without oppressive oversight.

Victory Gardens
Victory Gardens

Toxins in a joint smoked by a person may never add up to enough to put them in the hospital, but consider that medicines made from cannabis are concentrated, and any poisons therein are just as concentrated and sickening. The State Syndicate made sure with rules and regulations that the grower is two tiers away from the consumer and never has to face them, thereby breeding that environment of using poisonous shortcuts to protect their bottom line. In the good old days, we patients could look the grower in the eye and ask how they grew the product. The example has played out over the decades as food had to be processed beyond the point of good nutritional value to service the ever-growing public demand. The public was never informed that those preservatives and chemical additives and substitutions are killing those who consume them, very slowly.

Ecologically grown Cannabis, by specific Chemovar, can improve wellness and preserve long life. Cannasapiens will outlive, outlast the homo sapiens in the coming decades.

*Garden Image and Article By Bob Montoya. Bob is a longtime grower, activist, and cannabis patient who resides in the State of Washington. You can find Bob on Facebook or his website.

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