Vendor Days With Mad Mark Farms and Timothy Edwards

Mad Mark

By Timothy Edwards

Mad Mark farms is doing vendor days throughout the summer at recreational stores in Washington state with Timothy Edwards a.k.a. Tim-me making appearances at a few of them.

Greenside Recreational

We were just out at Greenside recreational in Des Moines and Tacoma for the Luniz show. Tim-Me performed a set, and Mad Mark came out on stage to the crowd’s delight.

Tim-Me and Mad Mark
During the Luniz show, one of the most ironic things happened to me when it comes to cannabis vs. alcohol; you see it’s been six months since I’ve had a drink and I’m better for it.
I was an eyewitness to a drunk driver sideswiping a Lyon Pride tour bus in Tacoma, Washington during a Luniz show on June 27.

I was standing 10 or 15 feet off to the right, when out of nowhere this vehicle slams into the side of the bus, knocking off the bumper and leaving debris from both vehicles on the ground. The driver continued at a high rate of speed, fleeing the scene. Police cars were already in the area for the event and were quick in pursuit. They pulled her over a few blocks away, and the female suspect was arrested.

bus damaged
She had a case of Jack Daniels in the back of her seat as you can see from the picture. Luckily nobody was hurt. Be careful when you go out. Don’t drink and drive. This is another example of why marijuana is safer than alcohol and Cannabis Saves Lives.

Jack Daniels

Now back to Mad Mark and his amazing product. Some of my favorite strains are grape, amnesia, pineapple express OG, black cherry soda, and Carl Sagan. Mad Mark is currently working on making his live hash Rosin and will be coming out sometime in the future.

He is a continued supporter of the projects and shows I do, and he continues to supply top-shelf cannabis to consumers in Washington state.

Follow Mad Mark for more information on these following social media platforms.

Instagram: Mad Mark Farms

Facebook: Mad Mark Farms

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