Vapexhale EVO Vaporizer Official Commercial

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One of my favorite ways to consume cannabis is via my Vapexhale EVO. I obtained it a few years ago and have never used a different desktop vaporizer since then. It’s literally the best of the best, and no, I am not saying that because I was paid to. I have never received a penny from the company that makes it, I am merely plugging it because I know how well it works and how many crappy desktop vaporizers are out there. Also the company truly believes in cannabis advocacy, which is something that I have seen firsthand and fully vouch for. That can’t be said for most, if not all, other desktop vaporizer companies, at least from what I have seen.

Vapexhale put out their first official commercial for the EVO earlier this week, a video of which can be found below. No other desktop vaporizer maximizes every drop of cannabis in the way the EVO does. You can use a very small amount of cannabis to get a huge dragon cloud of vapor, every time. I have literally never seen anything like it. If you are serious about consumption, and consume a lot of cannabis, the device will more than pay for itself over time via the reduced amount of product you will need in order to feel the effects.

Johnny Green
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